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A pretty wedding photo of the bride and groom after their beautiful backyard wedding ceremony in Blaine, MN.

Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Don and Kelley’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding Today, we’d love to share some of the images from Don and Kelley’s beautiful backyard wedding from back on October 5th. Don and Kelley did a wonderful job of getting their backyard looking awesome for their wedding. Mother Nature even supplied a small lake! Their wedding, like many weddings

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Saint James Hotel Light Painting

Saint James Hotel Light Painting We now have Anne and Michael’s one-of-a-kind Saint James Hotel light painting completed! Talk about a cool location! But before we go too far into their light painting story, let’s direct you to “Part One” of Anne and Michael’s wedding day which began with their first look at the St. James

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The set-up image for a light painting at Minneapolis City Hall.

Minneapolis City Hall Light Painting

Minneapolis City Hall Light Painting Today, we would love to share Chris and Becky’s cool Minneapolis City Hall light painting. This was a cool indoor location to create a light painting in. Lots of marble, staircases, and interesting architecture that could be included in one of these images. One unique factor sets this light painting apart

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Bride and groom kissing on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge.

Destination Wedding at Grandview Lodge

Wes and Lindsey’s Destination Wedding at Grandview Lodge We now have “Part Two” of Wes and Lindsey’s destination wedding at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, Minnesota ready to share with you! With lots of wind, rain, and snow, this was a perfect wedding day because Wes and Linsdey tied the knot! A Quick Recap In “Part

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Bride and groom in the pretty fall colors on their Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Grandview Lodge Wedding Day

Wes and Lindsey’s Grandview Lodge Wedding Day Joannie and I are very pleased to share some of the wonderful destination wedding photographs from Wes and Lindsey’s Grandview Lodge wedding day on Saturday, October 12th. Rain, Snow, and Wind. It Was Perfect! This was a fantastic wedding day despite Mother Nature throwing just about everything she could

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A "wine ceremony" during a Saint James Hotel wedding ceremony.

Saint James Hotel Wedding Photographs

Saint James Hotel Wedding Photographs Next up, we now have Anne and Michael’s Saint James Hotel wedding photographs to share with you! After creating a whole lot of wonderful family and wedding party portraits and candid photos across the street at LaGrange Park, we had to get these guys married! So we went up to

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Red Wing wedding photography of the cute couple sharing a kiss on the balcony at the St. James Hotel.

Red Wing Wedding Photography

Red Wing Wedding Photography It’s time to share some of Anne and Michael’s Red Wing wedding photography! These two were married on September 21st on what turned out to be a fantastic day weather-wise, despite what the weatherman predicted! It was supposed to rain but it thankfully did not, in fact, it was perfect outside! Over

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A nice portrait of the bride a groom outside at the Minneapolis City Hall building.

Minneapolis City Hall Wedding

Minneapolis City Hall Wedding It’s time to share some of Chris and Becky’s Minneapolis City Hall wedding photography. These two newlyweds got married in a really sweet ceremony a couple of Sundays ago. This was our second time at the famous building having photographed a wonderful wedding reception there a few years ago. Chris and Becky’s

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The bride and groom enjoy champagne onboard the Paradise Lady with downtown Minneapolis behind them.

Paradise Lady Wedding Reception

Paradise Lady Wedding Reception Last Friday evening, we shared many of the wedding photos leading up to Dan and Traci’s wedding ceremony at Bohemian Flats Park. Today, we’re very pleased to share their Paradise Lady wedding reception photographs. But before we can do that, Dan and Traci had to get married first! So let’s start out with

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Light painted wedding photograph of the couple's wedding rings on top of their mirrored ring box.

Bohemian Flats Park Wedding

Bohemian Flats Park Wedding On Saturday, September 14th, Joannie and I had the honor of photographing Dan and Traci’s pretty Bohemian Flats Park wedding. Bohemian Flats is located on the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, MN right across the river from the U of M campus. Their intimate wedding ceremony was followed by a wonderful dinner cruise

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