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Anderson’s Wedding Photography Equipment

Since the day we first opened our photography studio in 1986, Joannie and I have always believed that as professional wedding and portrait photographers we should employ the best wedding photography equipment possible to handle just about any situation that comes up for our clients.

Our first film cameras and lenses were made by Hasselblad and our first professional lighting equipment for wedding formals and also our studio portraits were Speedotron Brownline and they both were amazing! We actually still use the Speedotron system at times in our studio and on location when we need tons of additional lighting power. This was the core of our wedding photography equipment that we started our studio with. We definitely started out on the right foot!

Joannie & I also believe that it is extremely important, especially for wedding photographers, to have an extensive array of backup equipment to protect our clients should the unthinkable happen.

A Real Full-Time Professional Photographer

A professional photographer should also have the knowledge and training to take full advantage of that equipment to create great photographs. What good is any piece of equipment if you can’t use it properly? For well over 30 years, we’ve invested literally thousands of hours of training & experience learning how to properly and creatively pose, light, retouch, and enhance your wedding photographs.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is by far the most difficult thing to learn about photography, which is why you see so few photographers using any external lights. It’s critical to the success of any photograph; probably more important than element other than the subject itself.

The word “photography” comes from the Greek φώς (phos) “light” + γραφίς (graphis) “stylus”, “paintbrush” or γραφή (graphê) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light.” Photographic lighting takes years to learn to do well, and there are literally hundreds of books written on the subject.

As photographers, film or digital, we are really “painting with light.” Quite often that means that we’ll have to add or subtract light to enhance your wedding photographs and make them look their best. Sometimes it’s simply adding a reflector or two to add or subtract light and other times we might employ one or more strobe units.

Let’s Talk A Little Photoshop

Many times, I’ll take your wedding images from great to awesome in post-production using my extensive Photoshop skills and training. I’ll do whatever it takes to make them look amazing.

Sara & Jacob's incredible Withrow Ballroom wedding sunset! Four separate flash units from Anderson's wedding photography equipment were used to supplement the stunning post-storm sunset!

Sara & Jacob’s awesome Withrow Ballroom wedding sunset! Four separate flash units were used to supplement the stunning post-storm sunset!

Pretty much every wedding has a challenge or two lighting-wise. Most common are dark churches and even darker reception locations, as most wedding receptions occur at night. But let’s not forget the great outdoors and the weather that comes with it! Lots of brides & grooms like to get married or have some of their photographs taken outside or both!

Outdoor Wedding Photography

Outdoor wedding locations do not mean “easy” wedding photography. Believe it or not, sunny days are probably the worst and one of the most challenging lighting situations of all!

Bride & groom kissing in a Cadillac convertible in the beautiful Fall colors! Wedding photograph taken with a Canon 5D, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM lens and four Canon 550EX Speedlites from Anderson's wedding photography equipment.

Beautiful wedding photograph of Jay & Mari taken in the full sun with a Canon 5D camera, a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM lens, and four Canon 550EX Speedlites.

In Minnesota (and every other state that we’ve photographed in) we’ve experienced everything from full sun, to partly cloudy, to heavily overcast skies, hot and humid to subzero temperatures, light rain to a monsoon; wind, tornados, lightning, and anything from flurries to a blizzard!

For the record, we don’t do any photography outdoors when the threat of lightning exists as it’s not a very safe or smart idea.

Yes, we have photographed at weddings (twice that we know of) under tornado warnings and once during “the blizzard” on December 11, 2010, that caused the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to collapse!

Obviously, we did not photograph outside during the tornado warnings (it was absolutely pouring rain – sideways). We continued to work safely inside both churches during the severe storms, with someone closely monitoring the weather situation in case we all had to take cover.

Joannie and I did, however, take wedding photographs outside in that blizzard! Our bride and groom actually wanted to! Yep, we’re crazy.

Destination Wedding Photography

So far, the only state that we’ve photographed a wedding in without the possibility of snow was at Willie & Brittany’s Hawaii destination wedding. But we did have most of the day with full sun, then some overcast, moonlight, a little light rain, and a fairly strong breeze off the Pacific Ocean! All in just two days of shooting (I know, it sounds really tough to take).

Anderson's wedding photography equipment. Bride, groom and their guests having fun “on the dance floor” under a Hawaiian full moon. Wedding photography equipment used to create this wedding photograph was a Canon 5D camera, a Canon 15mm fisheye lens & four Canon 550EX Speedlites from Anderson's wedding photography equipment.

Willie, Brittany, and all of their guests “on the dance floor” under a full moon by the Pacific Ocean. Wedding photography equipment used to create this fun wedding image was a Canon 5D camera, a Canon 15mm fisheye lens & four Canon 550EX Speedlites.

Joannie and I do our best to come totally prepared to create your wedding photographs great under any lighting and weather conditions. Please feel free to skip the tornados and lightning on your wedding day!

We’ve Got The Goods

So that’s why we’ve come up with this page about our Wedding Photography Equipment. We wanted to show you just how seriously we take our craft. We don’t just show up at your wedding with a camera, a flash, and a lens. Plus I was really curious about just what exactly we are carrying around with us (also a good idea to make such a list, insurance-wise).

Did we get all of this wedding photography equipment all at once? No, of course not! We’ve accumulated it over many years by researching and slowly adding new gear, maintaining older items, and upgrading to newer technologies.

Because we almost always have to take most of our equipment on the road with us, we always try to buy high-quality equipment that’s built to last. For example, our two Lumedyne battery-powered studio lights we had been using for over 27 years at weddings. We also used it very often on location, such as in our very own Portrait Park to the North Shore of Lake Superior! It was a very portable, yet powerful flash system, that gave us very consistent color reproduction and is both incredibly durable and dependable. We retired our Lumedyne lighting system in 2016.

Knowledge and Experience

That’s another huge benefit of hiring us as your wedding photographers. Not only do Joannie and I each have more than 30 years of knowledge & experience in the wedding industry, but we also have access to all of this great wedding photography equipment that we can use for your wedding! It’s a packaged deal!

Joannie and I try to use the right tools that the situation calls for, many times adding light to supplement a naturally lighted scene. We definitely are not just “natural light photographers.” Under the right lighting situations, we certainly are and we do make a point of seeking those types of locations on your wedding day for you because they do make for nice wedding photographs. But those “picture perfect” days are rarely present for a wedding.

Please think twice before you hire a “natural light photographer” as your wedding photographer because most indoor locations and Mother Nature often times need a little help.

No One Else Is Doing This

And now we’re creating light painted wedding photography at most of our weddings. Joannie and I are The World’s Only Light Painting Wedding Photographers. That’s something that we’re very proud of. Our light painted wedding photos are something very special and totally unique in the world of wedding photography.

We’re also creating light painted engagement portraits, light painted kid’s photos, light painted high school senior pictures, and light painted Santa Claus Photos too!

The List

This is the wedding photography equipment that we can have available at each and every wedding we photograph. At most weddings, we tote along almost everything you see listed! Surprisingly, we employ nearly every item at many of the weddings we photograph too! No, we don’t travel very lightly, but we’re definitely not unprepared either.

Anderson’s Wedding Photography Equipment

Camera Bodies

  • Canon R5 (2)
  • Canon R6
  • Canon Battery Grip BG-R10
  • Canon 5D Mark IV (2)
  • Canon BG-E20n Battery Grip
  • Canon 5D (Converted to Super Color Infrared Photography)
  • GoPro HERO3 Black

Lenses – From 11mm Ultra-Wide to 800mm Super Telephoto

  • Canon EF 11-24mm f/4.0 L USM
  • Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye
  • Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM (used specifically for infrared wedding photography)
  • Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 MACRO VC (Model F017)
  • Canon RF 24–105mm F4 L IS USM
  • Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM
  • Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS II USM
  • Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens
  • Canon RF 24-240mm Lens
  • Canon RF 1.4 Extender
  • Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM
  • Spider Lens Collar Plate V2 for Telephoto Lenses (2)

Light Meters

  • Minolta Flash Meter IV (2)

Memory Cards

  • Delkin Devices 2TB CF Express Card (2)
  • Rugged 256GB SD V90 UHS
  • Rugged 64GB SD V90 UHS (2)
  • SanDisk 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme Pro 1067x UDMA 7
  • SanDisk 64GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme Pro 1067x UDMA 7 (6)
  • SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro UHS-I SDHC U3 Memory Card (Class 10)
  • SanDisk 32GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme Pro 600x UDMA 6 (4)
  • SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC (1)
  • SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC (3)

Flash Units

  • Godox MoLight AD360II-C
  • Godox AD400 Pro
  • MoLight V860II-Canon Speedlight (5)
  • Godox AD200
  • AD360 Replacement Bulb
  • GOdox MoLight AD360II Gel and Grid Kit

LED Lights

Godox LC500 LED Light Stick (2)

Tripods, Light Stands, Light Modifiers & Reflectors

  • ProMediaGear TR344L Pro-Stix 71″ inch Carbon Fiber Tripod w/34mm legs
  • ProMediaGear BH1 Professional Ball Head with Arca-Type Clamp
  • Bogan 3236 Tripod
  • Bogan 3047 3-Way Pan/Tilt Tripod Head
  • Manfrotto 628B Monopod
  • Vanguard Alta Pro 254CT Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Vanguard SBH-250 Tripod Ball Head
  • Vanguard QS-39 Quick Release Plate (3)
  • ProMediaGear C60 Arca-Swiss Compatible Quick Release Clamp (4)
  • ProMediaGear PLCBGE20 L-Bracket for Canon 5D Mark IV with BG-E20 Grip, Arca-Swiss Type (L-Plate)
  • Godox Portable Light Boom AD-S13
  • MeFOTO SideKick360 Plus
  • GoMo 36″ Octa Softbox with grid
  • GoMo 48″ Octa Softbox with grid
  • MoThro Long Throw Soft White Reflector
  • Westcott EPS 45” Halo Parabolic Light Box (2)
  • Calumet 004BAC 15’ Air-Cushioned Light Stand (3)
  • 13’ Impact Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stand
  • Impact Caster Set for Light Stands with 25mm Tubular Leg Ends
  • 80″ Westcott White Translucent Umbrella (80 inches! It’s the largest “golf” umbrella you’ve ever seen!)
  • 48” Westcott Gold/White “Monte” Illuminator
  • 48” Westcott Silver/White Illuminator & Digital Target Calibrator
  • 8” Digital Target Calibrator
  • Denny EZ-2 Light Stand
  • Cheetah Stand C8
  • MagMod Light Modifiers (2)
  • Misc Canon Speedlite Modifiers (6)
  • Lightware C6150 Stand Sack

Battery Power

  • FP Flashpoint Blast Pack BR-960 Lithium Battery (6)
  • Sony Eneloop AAA 750mAh Batteries HR-4UTGA 1.2V (24)
  • Sony Eneloop AA 1900mAh Batteries HR-3UTGA 1.2V (40)
  • Sony Eneloop AA 2400mAh Batteries HR-3UWXA 1.2V (64)
  • La Crosse Technology BC-700 AA/AAA NiCd/NiMH Battery Charger (6)

Wireless Flash Tigger System

  • Godox X1-C transmitter (3)
  • Godox X-Pro Transmitter (4)
  • X1R-C Receiver – Canon
  • Pluto Trigger and iPhone App
  • CamRanger 2

Flash Brackets

  • ProMediaGear Boomerang (2)
  • ProMediaGear PASL3 Bracket Plate Adapter
  • Lastolite TriFlash Bracket by Joe McNally (2)
  • Bogan Super Clamp (3)
  • ProMediaGear BBXPIN Flask Bracket Pins (2)

Utility Belts

  • SpyderPro Single Camera Holster System
  • SpyderPro Dual Camera Holster System (2)
  • Spider Lens Collar Plate V2 for Telephoto Lenses (3)

Miscellaneous Photography Equipment

  • Manfrotto 386B Nano Clamp (2)
  • Bolt PP-MC Mounting Clamp (4)
  • 77mm Expo Disc
  • Bowens S Adapter (5)
  • Q Clip Clamp (3)
  • Aluminum Bulb Protectors (2)
  • Power Cords (4)
  • Y Power Adapter (2)
  • Manfrotto 133B Joining Arm for Super Clamps, Black – 6.5″
  • ProMediaGear Multi-Tool
  • Impact 5/8″ Snap-in Pin for Super Clamps
  • Tiffen Belt Filter Pouch – Large
  • Tiffen 82mm Variable ND Filter
  • B+W 82mm Kaesemann XS-Pro Circular Polarizer MRC Nano Filter
  • Hellopan 77-82mm Step-Up Ring
  • Sensel Filter Wrench 62 to 77mm (2)
  • B+W 95mm UV Haze MRC 010M Filter
  • B+W 77mm UV Haze MRC 010M Filter (3)
  • B+W 58mm UV Haze MRC 010M Filter (2)
  • B+W 55mm UV Haze MRC 010M Filter
  • Hoya 77mm UV Filter
  • 48” Calumet Light Stand Bag
  • Tamrac Rolling Bag (2)
  • Tamrac 614 Camera Bag
  • Lowepro Pro Camera Bag
  • Telesteps 10ES – 10′ Climbing Height Combination Ladder

Lightning McQueen

We’ve also got our very own custom golf cart photo light stand that Micahel built from scratch. We call it “Lightning McQueen”! Lightning’s parts list (not including the strobe unit & softbox) are as follows:

  • TourTrek One Click 360 Golf Cart
  • Calumet 004BAC 15’ Air-Cushioned Light Stand (with legs cut off)
  • Impact Tilting Boom Pivot Clamp (2)
  • Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle (2)
  • 24” Heavy Duty Bungee Cord (2)
  • 36” Aluminum Rod cut into 2 pieces with special holding groves cut in each
  • Bolt PP-MC Mounting Clamp
  • Bowens S Adapter

“Anderson’s Wedding Photography Equipment List” – ©2022 Michael Anderson Photography.