Chart House Light Painting

Chart House Light Painting

It’s time to share the beautiful Chart House light painting that Joannie and I created for Jess and Jess during their wedding reception. With all of the fall colors, their one-of-a-kind wedding artwork is really beautiful!

This is our third post from Jess and Jess’ fantastic wedding day. Yes, it was that awesome!

In our first post, we had lots of fun wedding photos and a cute music video with many more images. That story was all about the events leading up to their wedding ceremony. It included the first looks of Jess with his pretty bride-to-be (below), and, a short time later, Jessica’s first look with her dad as well.

Chart House wedding photos of the groom's first look!

Here’s Jessica about to tap Jess and the shoulder for his first look!

“Part Two” began with their pretty wedding ceremony by the lake at Brianno’s Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota. It concluded with a fantastic wedding reception and dance! It featured lots of pretty wedding photos as well as another cute music video.

A pretty fall color wedding ceremony photo at the Chart House in Lakeville, MN.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a prettier fall-color wedding ceremony photograph than this one!

Light Painting at a Wedding

All in all, we created a total of seven light paintings for Jess and Jess throughout their wedding day. The smaller, still-life light paintings are fairly quick to set up and photograph. Most can be completed in about 15 minutes and use just one strobe light to do the photography part. The post-production isn’t usually too bad either. Most of the time, it takes about an hour or so in Photoshop to produce the final image. Here’s one of them that features many of Jess’ wedding day accessories.

A pretty light painted wedding photograph of the brides accessories.

A light painted wedding photograph of Jessica’s pretty accessories.

The Big Light Painting!

All day long, I was trying to decide if could we create a major light painting for Jess and Jess. And, if so, where? Well, the fall colors, both on the ground and in the trees by the pond and wooden bridge at the Chart House made the call for me. It was just too pretty there not to at least attempt it.

This light painting was not easy by any means. Mainly, it was because it was so cold out after dark (the wind off the lake didn’t help). I did have gloves, but boy, the light stands and the tripod sure was cold to handle! We attempted to have Joannie fire the camera, wirelessly via my iPad, from inside, but it just didn’t work effectively. So, she was also outside with me as well. I did have the advantage of being able to move around a lot, but it was cold nonetheless.

The location we selected at Brianno's Chart House to create a pretty fall color light painting for the bride and groom.

Here’s the spot that we selected at the Chart House to create Jess and Jess’ one-of-a-kind light painted wedding art. This image even has Joannie and yours truly in it too!

I selected the pretty pond area and we placed our newlyweds on the wooden bridge. Once we had their portraits done, which only took a few minutes, they returned to their wedding dance. Then, we got to work! All told, we took 187 images during the photography part. I ended up using 48 of them to create the final artwork. Boy, it sure is pretty!

Once we finished the photography, I sent Joannie inside to thaw out. Then, I carefully gathered all of the goodies I used to create the image. All four strobes, and my Canon R5, were turned off outside so that they didn’t short out once they got back into the warm air indoors. Then, I left everything in my camera bags for a couple of days to let them thoroughly acclimated to normal temperatures.

Light Painting Wedding Photography

Joannie and I are the only wedding photographers anywhere who create these whole-scene, one-of-a-kind images at weddings. These are by no means easy to produce, but they are so unique that we just want to create them for our couples. If you would like to see more of these amazing light painted wedding photographs, just search for “light painting” here on our website. We’ve created dozens of them, and many other cool projects, that you can check out here on our site.

A pretty light painted wedding photograph of the bride and groom in beautiful fall colors at Brianno's Chart House in Lakeville, MN.

Here are our newlyweds and their pretty fall color light painting!

In addition to wedding light paintings, we’ve got stunning light paintings of many cool cars, trucks, businesses, and other amazing projects. Not only are many of these featured throughout this website, but we also now have a dedicated website for all things light painting! Please check it out at Michael Anderson Light Painting.

Light Painting at Brianno’s Chart House

As I do with each of the major light painting projects that we produce, I’ve created a short video with the images that went into creating this stunning light painting for Jess and Jess. It’s only about a minute long, but it’s pretty cool to see everything that went into the creation of their one-of-a-kind wedding artwork.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our post. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! – M&J

“Chart House Light Painting” © 2023 Michael Anderson Photography

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