Light Painting Engagement Photography

Light Painting Engagement Photography

In addition to creating dozens of one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photographs over the past few years, we’ve also added light painting engagement photography for some of our wedding couples too! And, in doing so, we’ve created some pretty cool light painted engagement portraits.

Light Painted Engagement Photograph with a Harley

Check out this stunning light painted engagement photo of Corey and Ashley with their Harley Davidson Motorcycle! It was created in Stillwater, MN at the historic St. Croix Boat & Packet building on a beautiful late summer evening.

Light painting engagement photography. Version one, the "cool" version of Corey & Ashley's Harley Davidson engagement light painting.

Corey & Ashley’s light painting in downtown Stillwater, MN.

Just like each of our wedding light paintings, it certainly didn’t start out looking that way! Here’s the “before” image taken at the start of their light painted engagement picture. As you can see, there are multiple strobes all firing at the same time, just for the set-up image alone!

The base image of Corey and Ashley prior to creating their stunning Harley Davidson engagement light painting.

The base image of Corey and Ashley prior to light painting.

Then it took dozens of exposures, all blended together in post-production, to create their stunning engagement light painting with their Harley Davidson Motorcycle! This one turned out so cool!

Here’s a short YouTube video that shows some of the steps involved in creating their one-of-a-kind light painted engagement photo in Stillwater, MN.

Then, months later at their stunning Mississippi Gardens wedding and reception, we were able to create a second light painting for them too! This one was not without some real challenges tossed in there from Mother Nature. Their October wedding day was cold and very windy all day long. Even in the evening, the wind continued to be ridiculous.

The starting image of the bride and groom on a swing before creating the couple's Mississippi Gardens wedding light painting.

Behind-the-scenes photo of our newlyweds on “Ashley’s Swing”.

We recruited three of their wedding guests just to keep our light stands from blowing over in the strong wind! But as you can see in the final pretty image below, it was well worth it!

A beautiful fall color Mississippi Gardens wedding light painting.

Corey and Ashley’s pretty fall color light painted wedding photograph.

Light Painting Engagement Photography with a Firetruck

Some of the coolest things to light paint are vehicles, especially ones with lots of detail and chrome. What type of vehicle could have more detail and chrome than a firetruck? I can’t think of any!

The starting image of an engagement portrait light painting of Ben and Emilee with Ladder 757 at the Falcon Heights Fire Station.

Pre-light painting engagement portrait of Ben and Emilee with Ladder 757.

When Ben and Emilee mentioned that they wanted to stop for some engagement photos at the Vadnais Heights Fire Station where Ben volunteers, I knew we were going to create something pretty cool for them!

A stunning engagement portrait light painting of Ben and Emilee with Ladder 757 at the Falcon Heights Fire Station.

Light painted engagement portrait of Ben and Emilee with Ladder 757.

Below is a very short movie clip about Ben and Emilee’s engagement light painting created at the Falcon Heights Fire Department. It shows some of the steps that went into creating their amazing light painted engagement photo.

When their springtime wedding rolled around, it was too cold outside to create an outdoor light painted wedding photograph. So we created their pretty wedding light painting below during their awesome wedding dance at A’BULAE in downtown St. Paul, MN.

A'BULAE light painted wedding photograph of a bride and groom in the Capitol Lounge at A"BULAE in St. Paul, MN.

Ben & Emilee’s completed light painting wedding photo at A’BULAE.

Light Painted Engagement Photography on Lake Superior

Since we try to create a light painted wedding photograph for each of our weddings that we photograph, what happens when the wedding is over before it gets dark out? Well, if possible, we create one for them during their engagement session!

That was the case with Chris and Sarah’s pretty early morning Como Conservatory wedding and their lunchtime reception at the Happy Gnome in St. Paul, MN. Their fantastic wedding reception was all wrapped up five hours before sunset!

Ya Gotta Have A Plan

Knowing well ahead of time that this was going to be the case, we decided to create a light painted engagement photo with them on our annual “North Shore Weekend” on Lake Superior! The Lake Superior location that we selected was at pretty Iona’s Beach.

After creating some of their pretty engagement photographs at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, and in Two Harbors, MN, we made our way to Iona’s Beach to finish their North Shore engagement portraits before they headed back home to the Twin Cities that evening.

By the way, if you check out that link to their North Shore engagement photos above, you’ll see a pretty amazing engagement photograph of Chris and Sarah with a “fly-by” appearance from a bald eagle!

Lake Superior light painted photograph before the actual light painting started.

Here’s our starting image prior to starting Chris and Sara’s light painted engagement photo on Iona’s Beach.

Now back to their light painted engagement photography story.

We Can Confirm First Hand Why Flies Are Called “Bugs!”

Their light painted engagement photo was not without its own unique set of challenges, in fact, about a bazillion of them. Pesky black flies!

The completed Lake Superior light painted engagement photograph created at Iona's Beach.

The pretty light painted engagement photo of Chris and Sara on Iona’s Beach.

Even though we covered ourselves in insect repellant, they still “bugged” the heck out of us. Despite the millions of black flies, we were still able to create a pretty cool light painted engagement photograph. And, it was at one of Chris and Sarah’s favorite places in all of Minnesota (ours too)!

Much More To Come

We’re just getting started with our light painting engagement photography. I can easily see us creating light painted high school senior portraits (in fact, we already have on more than one occasion). I also think that quite possibly light painted family portraits could be in the future as well.

We have even light painted all of our Santa Claus sets for The Best Santa Experience!

A baby boy and his big sister taking a look at Santa's naughty and nice list at The Santa Experience in Santa's Workshop. The scene was enhanced by light painting parts of it.

Riley and Ryder take a peek at Santa’s naughty and nice list!

More Storytime with Santa portraits for The Best Santa Experience. Santa shares a little "pixie dust" with an adorable one month old baby girl.

Santa shares a little “pixie dust” with sweet little Elizabeth.

A boy flies on Santa's magic sled. All part of the The Best Santa Experience raising money to help fight Cystic Fibrosis.

Ryan takes Santa’s magic sled for a test drive!

We now have a dedicated website just for our Light Painting Photography. That can be found at Please check it out when you have a chanc,e and thank you for reading all about our unique light painting engagement photography. – M&J

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