Wedding Day Memories

Bride, her bridesmaids and her flyaway veil at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, MN.

Hannah and her flyaway veil at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis.

Wedding Day Memories From Our Very Own “M&J Brides!”

Here’s a fun little collection of wedding day memories that our very own “M&J Brides” have been kind enough to share with us.

We’ll add additional special wedding day moments to this ongoing collection as time goes by, so check here for more sweet stories from the wedding day memories of these wonderful girls!

Julie Bretoi (M&J Bride in November 1992): “One of my favorite wedding day memories is this: my “aunt” was my personal attendant and at the back of the church, she was trying to fluff out my train and she tripped on the end of the paper roll that we used for the aisle down the church. All you could hear was her giggling!! Nice stress reliever before making my big appearance!

Another one was when you let Craig see me privately before we got started. That was so sweet!”

Hannah Rose (M&J Bride in October 2013): “I have two wedding day memories: One; when Joannie hid me in the confession room at the church so Mike could bring Julian in for our first look (and then proceeding with our first look).

Two; when my veil was caught in the wind and was an eight-foot “veil tornado” straight up during our picture session at Lake of the Isles! So fun!”

Heather Thorne (M&J Bride in October 1990): “My favorite wedding day memory: we all went to the hairdresser for hair and makeup, and anyone with long enough hair to get an updo had a modified French twist which ended up looking sort of like a “hair cave” rather than being tight to the back of our heads. My sister kept looking at me during the day and whispering “hair cave” to me during serious moments to break the tension…still makes me laugh nearly 24 years later!”

Tabitha Adams (M&J Bride in December 2010): My favorite wedding day memory: “Wow, that’s a tough one. Was it the family, the food or the snow???? The fact that my pictures look like a snow globe, one in a million. Everyone tried so hard to make me feel better and get through the day, not to be ruined by 17″ of snow.

Or the fact that I was blamed for the snow and the Dome collapse? I could not have imagined a more perfect day.”

Brandice Maher (M&J Bride in August 2012):“Hmmm this is hard… The first one would have to be the look on everyone’s face when I walked in with TC Bear at the reception or Andy driving the golf cart when we went out on the golf course for pictures. There are so many I could go on forever!”

Megan Anderson (M&J Bride in June 2013): “I have too many. I guess all the “favorites” include the things that went wrong. From the unity candle, not lighting, me being so sick I couldn’t talk or Joannie stopping me right before walking down the aisle to fix my veil just to have it fall off two seconds later!

I know it is weird to say that but we went into the day knowing that at least one thing would go wrong. The most important thing is we got married on that day and everything else that went right was a bonus and everything that went wrong became a funny story to tell.”

Kelly Pierro Eisinger (M&J Bride in October 2000): “I have two wedding day memories. The first had to be when my dad got up to give his speech, he decided to make it all about taking my credit card back. The funny part was that he actually tried taking it back the night before at the rehearsal dinner. I told him, no way, I’m still yours for another 18 hours! That didn’t leave me much time, but I did manage to stop at the gas station to fill up. The scene of taking back the credit card was pretty funny. Both of us pulling, neither wanting to let go.

The second was when Joannie came to the rescue with the dress bustle. Two people were “officially” trained, but when the time came, no one could figure out what to do. When Joannie found us, sweating, struggling and laughing to the point fingers wouldn’t work, she swooped in to save the day.”

Susan Campfield (M&J Bride in September 1991): “Our wedding was 23 years ago and boy, do I treasure those photos!

The morning of my wedding my mother and younger sisters (who were supposed to help me get dressed) were late for the photo session which took place before the ceremony. Joannie was such a huge help! She calmed me down and made sure that everything was in place and perfect! I knew we were getting a great photographer with Mike but Joannie played an important role too!

Mike has taken beautiful pictures as our son has grown up. A few years ago he took a portrait of my entire extended family and my parents. Little did we know that just a year later my father would be taken from us suddenly. Mike was amazing – he did a ton of work editing the photo from the year before so that we could use it for the obituary and funeral. And, of course, all of the photos from that shoot are now family treasures.

I’m looking forward to coming in for our son’s graduation pictures in a few years! Thank you Mike and Joannie for all the memories you help preserve!”

Pam Anderson (M&J Bride in October 2012): “We had such a great time with Michael and Joannie as our photographers! They were such troopers as it was freezing, well 40 degrees for an outdoor ceremony (2 days earlier it was 75!).

They did a fantastic job of capturing our day from start to finish and most of the time I didn’t even know they were there snapping away. Michael and Joannie definitely have a fabulous gift.

I am excited for them to capture the next part of our life as we welcome our little baby girl. I just hope she arrives before the bunnies so I can get her into the studio right away! Keep up the amazing work!”

JoAnn Brenk (M&J Bride in April 2007): “Wow, thanks for those awesome perks, Michael and Joannie!! Very cool! We are excited that it’s almost bunny time again!

As for our wedding day memories… it was quite the moment when you showed our slideshow at the reception and already had photos from the ceremony included, seamlessly! It was very special and memorable for us as well as our guests!!

At our wedding and at every photo shoot (since), you both are always so wonderful to work with, and do such great work! You’re absolutely the best photographer/photography duo!!”

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