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A headshot portrait of an adult osprey on its nest.

Osprey Nest at Flamingo

The Osprey Nest at Flamingo Here’s our story and photos about an Osprey nest at Flamingo, Everglades (actually, we’ll talk about two nests). Joannie and I recently returned from a fantastic winter trip to Florida. Along the way, I had many great opportunities to create landscape, nature, and wildlife photography. One of the major places we concentrated on

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Soaring bald eagle Kenai Mountains Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

My 21 Favorite Photographs from 2021

My 21 Favorite Photographs from 2021 Just for the fun of it, I’ve decided to look back at 2021 and pull out some of my favorite images that we created. Simply called: “My 21 Favorite Photographs from 2021.” The subject might be anything, kids, wedding, light painting, Santa, wildlife, who knows? This should be fun!

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