Green Screen Portrait

Green Screen Portraits

We began creating green screen portrait composites in mid-2016. Here’s a small sample of what we’ve got going so far, with much more to come!

Chroma keying or Green Screen is a technique used for combining two or more frames or images by replacing a color or a color range in one frame with that from another frame. It is often used in television and the film industry to replace a scene’s background by using a blue or green screen as the initial background and placing the actor in the foreground.

Typically you see this technique with the weather report on television. You see the weatherman pointing at a map, but they are actually standing in front of a green screen and the map is placed behind them using a computer.

The principle behind Chroma keying (Green Screen) is that the color green is the opposite color of skin tone, so a distinction between the two is very clear, making it easier to select and remove the color without worrying about any part of the subject being included in the selection. The whole green selection is then replaced with another image as the background.

Green Screen Photo Composites

Many of our Green Screen Photo Composites are sports related, but it’s possible to use these techniques for just about any type of portrait photography. So far, we’ve done green screen senior photos, green screen baby portraits, engagement portraits on green screen, and several green screen family portraits as.

For family portraits, we’ve created Green Screen Portraits to help us out when the weather hasn’t cooperated outside. We just moved indoors for the actual portraits and then changed the background back to outdoors afterward. It comes in handy!

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