Chart House Wedding Photos

Chart House Wedding Photos

A pretty wedding photo of the bride and groom walking near the lake at the Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota.

A beautiful wedding photograph of Jess and Jess in the brilliant fall colors!

Joannie and I are pleased to begin sharing many of Jess and Jessica’s Chart House wedding photos! These newlyweds were married on Saturday, October 28th at Brianno’s Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota. Joannie and I have known Jessica for years and years. She’s a good friend of our youngest daughter, Michelle. In fact, Michelle was one of her bridesmaids!

Chart House wedding photos of the head table decor.

Here are Jess and Jess’ head table decorations!

Since they’re better known as “Jess & Jess”, that’s the route we’ll go throughout much of this post, and in the next couple of posts too! Yep, there will be three separate blog posts, all with music videos, for this fabulous wedding! “Part One” begins with photographs of their wedding decor followed by lots of fun getting ready photos! With seven attendants, and lots of family in attendance, there was a lot going on all day long!

Wedding Photos in Stunning Fall Colors

While Jess and Jess’ wedding day weather was a bit on the cool side, (I’d call it “brisk”), it certainly was beautiful out! Despite the cool temperatures, they elected to hold their wedding ceremony outdoors. Yes, it was chilly, but it sure was pretty! Mother Nature blessed us with an overcast day which is great for photographs (and the photographers). That meant that we could pretty much photograph in any direction that we wanted to. We just had to keep everybody warm.

Chart House wedding photos of the groom's first look!

Here’s Jessica about to tap Jess and the shoulder for his first look!

After Jess had her first look with Jess, Joannie and I captured what I think are some of the prettiest wedding photographs you’ll ever see! The Chart House is situated on a really pretty piece of property right on the shores of Kingsley Lake. Despite the windy weather that took out a lot of leaves in the days prior, there was still lots of color left to take advantage of, and we certainly did!

Chart House wedding photos of the back of the bride's dress while taking a stroll with the groom.

Here’s a beautiful fall color photograph that features a great look at the back of Jessica’s pretty wedding dress!

Then, it was time for Jess’ Dad to get his first look at his pretty daughter! I love the expressions that we were able to capture in this one-in-a-lifetime tender moment of dad and his daughter. So sweet!

A sweet wedding photo of the bride and her dad right after his first look.

We captured this great image of Jess and her father just moments after his first look.

Wedding Party and Family Photos

Up next were their wedding party photos. We created them in a couple of pretty spots. Jess, his groomsmen, ushers, and Jess with her bridesmaids near the lake. And then we created a bunch of fun photos of the whole wedding party at the water feature at the Chart House.

Chart House wedding photos of the wedding party by the pond.

Here’s Jess and Jess’ entire wedding party by the pretty pond at the Chart House!

Then, we shifted gears, and captured many family photos that will be cherished for many years!

A pretty wedding photo of the bride's family by the lake.

Here is Jessica’s family near the lake at the Chart House.

A pretty wedding photo of the groom's family by the lake at the Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota.

A pretty fall-color family photo of Jess’s family!

Light Painting Wedding Photography

Yes, Joannie and I did create painted wedding photographs for our newlyweds. In fact, we created seven of them! Six of them feature their wedding details and are sprinkled into their first two music videos. We included their wedding rings in many of them. Others include Jessica’s pretty accessories, another with the invitation and bridal bouquets, and two versions with their champagne glasses with their wedding rings.

A pretty light painted wedding photograph of the brides accessories.

A cool light painted wedding photograph of many of Jessica’s pretty accessories.

Then at the conclusion of our wedding photography coverage, we attempted a doozie! We went back outdoors in the fall colors by the pretty pond at the Chart House. I haven’t had a chance to get started on that one yet, but I’m confident it will be stunning! We’ll write a blog post about all of them with you once the post-production is complete on that one.

Jess and Jess’ Wedding Video – Part One

We’ve created a cute highlight video with many of the images from the beginning of Jess and Jess’ wedding day. “Part One” includes some of their pretty wedding decorations, getting-ready photos, and the first looks for both Jess and Jessica’s Dad. There’s also a bunch of fun wedding party photos and some really nice family photos in there too!

We’ll have a “Part Two” coming down the road as well. That one will begin with Jess and Jess’ pretty wedding ceremony at the Chart House, and conclude with lots of great reception and dance photos! Thank you for reading our post and have a great day! – M&J

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