Chart House Wedding Ceremony

Chart House Wedding Ceremony

Joannie and I are thrilled to share more of our photographs from Jess and Jess’ beautiful October 28th Chart House wedding ceremony! Just a few days ago, we shared “Part One” of their pretty wedding day. It included all of the events that led up to their wedding ceremony. You can see many of those pretty wedding photographs, read about them, and view a cute music video, at this link. However, now it’s time for the really important part, Jess and Jess getting married!


The bride and her dad going down the aisle. Image was captured in the beautiful fall colors at the Chart House in Lakeville, Mn.

Jess and her dad enter the wedding venue.

A cute couple exchanges their wedding vows during their pretty fall wedding ceremony at the Chart House in Lakeville, MN.

Jess and Jess exchange their wedding vows.

The decision was made early in the day to keep their wedding ceremony outdoors. It was “kind of” chilly, but very beautiful down by Kingsley Lake at Brianno’s Chart House. The remaining fall colors were at their peak, and it made for a stunning backdrop for our newlyweds to tie the knot! Their friend, Molly Gavett, married them (and she did a fantastic job)! She led a fun and upbeat ceremony with many family and friends looking on! Molly, and her husband, Shawn (he went to high school with Jess), have known Jess & Jess since they met on day one. That’s pretty cool!

A pretty fall color wedding ceremony photo at the Chart House in Lakeville, MN.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a prettier fall-color wedding ceremony photograph than this one!

Wedding Reception, Dinner, and Dance at the Chart House

Bride and groom with their officiant taken after their wedding ceremony at the Chart House in Lakeville, MN.

A nice photo photo of Jess & Jess with their officiant, Molly!

A photo of the bride's extended family. Image was created at the Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota.

One of two extended family photos of Jessica’s family.

A nice family photo of the bride's side. Photograph was created at the Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Here’s Jessica’s other extended family photograph.

A nice family photo of the groom's side. Image was created at the Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Jess’ extended family.

At the conclusion of their pretty ceremony, we captured a few more photographs prior to moving indoors to warm up at their fabulous reception, dinner, and dance. There’s a nice image of our brand-new newlyweds with their officiant, Molly, and then a few extended family photographs too. Then, it was celebration time! Joannie did a great job capturing candid photos of many of Jess and Jess’ wedding guests, while I set up our lighting gear for the reception and dance.

Our newlyweds, along with their wedding party, were introduced with a crazy Grand March. There are lots of fun images here, especially of Jess and Jess! These two can put on some moves!

Bride and groom dancing their way into their reception during their Grand March at the Chart House in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Jess and Jess making some moves during their Grand March entrance!

Light Painting at a Wedding

As we mentioned in “Part One”, Joannie and I created a total of seven light paintings during their wedding day! There were a couple of them in the first blog post and music video, and there are a few more in this music video too, including the really “sweet” one below!

A cute light painted wedding photograph of the bride and groom's wedding rings on a cupcake.

A “sweet” light painting of Jess and Jess’ wedding rings on a cupcake.

We still have one more light painting to get working on, and it’s a biggie! It was a really ambitious project, photographed after dark, out by the pretty water feature at the Chart House. It was dang cold at that hour, but if it worked (I haven’t started working on it yet), it was worth it! Once Joannie and I finished the photography part, all of my camera gear and lights had to be put away to slowly warm up once we got done outside.

Brianno’s Chart House Wedding Ceremony – The Movie

Head table wedding party toasting photo.

Jess, Jess, and their fun wedding party at the head table.

Just as we did in “Part One” of their wedding day highlights, we’ve got another fun music video! This one showcases many of the ceremony, reception, and dance photographs from Jess and Jess’ fabulous wedding day! And, we’re not through yet! There will be one more post from Jess and Jess’ wedding day. That one will be all about the cool light paintings that we created throughout their wedding day. Including the main one, yet to be created in post-production!

We appreciate that you would take time out of your day to check it all out. Thank you, and have a great day! – M&J

“Chart House Wedding Ceremony” © 2023 Michael Anderson Photography

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