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A cute fantasy baby portrait titled "The Little Aviator." An adorable five month old baby boy flying a hot air balloon in the clouds over Pololu Valley on the big island of Hawaii.

The Little Aviator

Ryder, The Little Aviator! Here’s our adorable little grandson Ryder, starring as “The Little Aviator” for his five month old baby portrait! I got the idea of having Ryder flying in a hot air balloon after watching the Disney Pixar movie “Up” with our granddaughter Riley. When he’s wearing his cute aviator hat and goggles, I

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Family portrait taken for a 60th wedding anniversary at a beautiful family wedding at A'Bulae in Saint Paul, MN.

Howie & Val’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Howie & Val Anderson’s 60th Wedding Anniversary! It’s hard to believe that these two characters have been married for six decades already! Above is our Anderson family portrait created on Michelle & Ben’s beautiful wedding day last December 19th at A’Bulae in downtown Saint Paul, MN. Mom really wanted to have this portrait done at their wedding and

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Pretty wedding photo of Michelle & Ben in the center of a heart shape made from sparklers at Mears Park in downtown Saint Paul, MN.

Ben & Michelle’s ABULAE Wedding Reception

Here’s the fun highlights of Ben & Michelle’s beautiful ABULAE Wedding Reception! Once again, Joannie & I would like to start out by thanking Bjorn Meisner of Bjorn Meisner Photography and Brad Rich of A.B. Rich Films for their beautiful work that you’re about to enjoy. Thank you gentlemen! Lots of our friends have commented on how beautiful and

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The brides and bridesmaid dresses, shoes and matching bags in the brides room at an A'BULAE wedding in St. Paul, MN.

Ben & Michelle’s A’BULAE Wedding

Here’s our first and second highlight music videos from Ben & Michelle’s A’BULAE Wedding! We begin part one with our little flower girl and Grandpa’s Little Buddy Riley. Since she’s only two, it took a concerted effort by all of us to (hopefully) get her to go down the aisle at the wedding. So you’ll

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Wedding slide show image of the wedding rings on the heal of the brides pretty shoe.

Michelle & Ben’s Wedding Slide Show

Here’s Michelle & Ben’s beautiful “Reflections” wedding slide show! With a tiny, but fun modification to the ending, this is exactly as it was shown last Saturday night at their A’BULAE wedding reception in downtown Saint Paul, MN! Michelle & Ben did an outstanding job with their story telling and I incorporated their stories into

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USAF Thunderbirds fly over during the National Anthem at the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game at Target Field in Minneapolis, MN.

2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game

2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game Image of the Day! Joannie and I were blessed with the opportunity to attend many of the events from the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game right here in Minneapolis, MN these past few days. With weddings on both Friday and Saturday and then followed by three days

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