Professional Photography Organizations

Professional Photography Organizations

These are the professional photography organizations that we are members of.

The first of the professional photography organizations that we’re a part of is probably the most important one.

Professional Photographers of America

Michael has been a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) for over 25 years.

PPA was started back in 1869, and now with over 26,700 members. It’s the most established organization for professional photographers in the country. There are more than 530 members in Minnesota alone.

Professional Photographers of America member

Created and led by professional photographers, PPA is a non-profit international association that helps those serious about photography live their dreams profitably.

To do that, they…

  • Lead the way in educating photographers on business and technical skills to help them grow and succeed.
  • Connect photographers with other great minds in the industry—via online and live classes, consultations and conventions—to spread best practices, new ideas and strong networks of support.
  • Protect photographers’ livelihoods with benefits, such as copyright advocacy, malpractice protection, and equipment insurance.

Wedding Photographers International

The second of the professional photography organizations we joined shortly after we opened our Mounds View, MN wedding and portrait studio is WPPI.

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International member logo
Both Joannie and I have been members of Wedding Photographers International since the 1980’s. WPI was founded in the 1970’s and provided a much-needed forum for wedding photographers who had long asked for guidance, and an association of their own. In 1980, WPI held its first convention and trade show in Las Vegas, at Caesar’s Palace. There were 2,500 attendees and 24 trade show booths.
Realizing that many of WPI’s present and future members were involved in both wedding and portrait photography, Wedding Photographers International officially became Wedding & Portrait Photographers International on January 1, 1995. WPPI now includes members worldwide from all genres of photography, including fine art, commercial, and advertising.
We have attended the WPPI convention many, many times since the 1980’s and just recently attended the WPPI Convention and Trade Show, where there were over 15,000 attendees and 350 trade show booths! There’s lots of amazing stuff to be learned, shared and seen in this rapidly changing photography industry and WPPI helps us to stay on top of it!

Kelby OneNational Association of Photoshop Professionals member logo

One of our advantages over many other photographers is my continuing membership in Kelby One (formerly the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, also known as NAPP). This is where people go to get really good at their Photoshop skills! Photographers, designers, and enthusiasts of all skill levels look to Kelby One for the best Photoshop® training on the planet.
With over 71,000 members, Kelby One members know how to take an ordinary image and turn it into something extraordinary. Kelby One is the go-to source for everything Photoshop for professionals all over the world. I’ve been a proud member for more than seventeen years. Kelby One is a membership I will renew for many years to come.

Kelby One has a wide range of members from 107 countries around the world. The majority of the members are either photographers or graphic designers. But many print shops, web designers, ad agencies, in-house art departments, educators, trainers are also are members. Prosumers and hobbyists are also welcome to join Kelby One.

Being a member of Kelby One is a great value. I highly recommend it if you’re serious about Photoshop and graphic design.

Best Of Wedding Photography

Best Of Wedding Photography

Best Of Wedding Photography

Here’s another of the professional photography organizations that we’re proud to be a member of. In 2013, we were very excited to have been selected to become members of the Best Of Wedding Photography!

Best Of Wedding Photography (BOWP) is a premier, invitation-only directory of top wedding photographers around the world. Their mission is simple: provide a single place where brides and members of the photography industry can go to quickly identify the outstanding wedding photographers in any market globally.

BOWP is among the most selective groups of wedding photographers in the industry. They look for photographers who are leaders in the field, combining stunning quality and style of imagery with tremendous business success and recognition by brides, fellow photographers, and others in the wedding industry.

You can also see the recent work of members on the Best of Wedding Photography blog. It’s intended to provide an ongoing inspiration of the most innovative photographic work being produced in the wedding photography world. Joannie and I are thrilled that they have asked to be a part of such an elite wedding photography community.

Photographers Directory by PhotoLinks

PhotoLinks has been online since 1997 and is a well established online photography resource that sends a steady supply of photography enthusiasts to photographers websites on a daily basis.

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