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How Do Santa's Reindeer Fly? Two cute kids take a ride on Santa's Magic Sled.

How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly

How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly? “How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly?” is one of the many questions that every child wants to know about Santa Claus. Well, at The Best Santa Experience, Santa not only shared stories about his flying reindeer, but he also showed the kids how they fly! This year, Santa gave lots of kids

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Seven cousins meet Santa Claus at The Best Santa Experience at Michael Anderson Photography in Mounds View, MN.

Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus

Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus “Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus” was our second largest group of kids to share in “The Best Santa Experience” this year. These six nice kids, according to Santa’s Nice List, have been here every single year since we’ve been having Santa come down from the North Pole to visit our studio. Well, I guess

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Three siblings meet Santa Claus and he shares what's inside his magic toy bag!

Three Siblings Meet Santa Claus

Three Siblings Meet Santa Claus In this post titled “Three Siblings Meet Santa Claus”, Jackson, Joshua, and Madelyn returned once again this year to see their good friend St. Nick. After meeting Santa Claus in Santa’s Workshop last year, these three were ready to see what Santa was up to at his cabin this year! All

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Four sisters meet Santa Claus and poses for a picture with them too!

Four Sisters Meet Santa Claus

Four Sisters Meet Santa Claus We’re simply calling this blog post “Four Sisters Meet Santa Claus” just for the fun of it, and it really was just that, fun! Vanessa, Livia, Evalyn, and Raevyn hit the ground running with St. Nicholas here on day one of “The Best Santa Experience” for 2018. We began their Santa Experience with a nice

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More Storytime with Santa portraits for The Best Santa Experience. A brother and his baby sister peek into Santa's magic toy bag.

More Storytime with Santa

More Storytime With Santa Stories From The Best Santa Experience Since Christmas is just four days away, Joannie and I would like to share a few more Storytime with Santa stories with you. Hunter, Gabe, Noah and Sweet Three Year Old Ruby These four kids, ages three to eight, really enjoyed their visit with Santa

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An adorable three year old girl sees her name on Santa's "Nice List"! All part of The Santa Experience and Storytime with Santa for Cystic Fibrosis.

Storytime with Santa for Cystic Fibrosis

Storytime with Santa for Cystic Fibrosis – The Santa Experience We’re shifting gears from our “Santa’s Workshop” theme that we did had had on week one of The Best Santa Experience, to our “Storytime with Santa for Cystic Fibrosis” week two theme. It doesn’t really matter what the theme was, these kids all loved The Best

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A cute two year old girl discovers that she's on Santa's "Nice List"! All part of The Santa Experience for Cystic Fibrosis.

The Santa Experience for Cystic Fibrosis

The Santa Experience for Cystic Fibrosis Here’s more of the many adorable kids that came to visit us at The Santa Experience for Cystic Fibrosis for 2017! Jackson, Joshua & Madelyn This trio really enjoyed helping Santa work on some toys in his workshop. All three of them were especially happy to find out that

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Mounds View photographer. A cute brother and sister find out that they're on Santa's "nice" list! The magical photograph was created during The Santa Experience at Santa's Workshop.

The Santa Experience at Santa’s Workshop

Highlights from The Best Santa Experience at Santa’s Workshop! This installment from “The Best Santa Experience at Santa’s Workshop” features several more cute kids having a lot of fun with Kris Kringle at his “southern workshop” built at our home portrait studio in Mounds View, MN. Isabella’s First Christmas First up is cute little Isabella.

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Five little friends pose with Santa Claus in Santa's Workshop.

Santa’s Workshop

The Santa Experience in Santa’s Workshop “Elf” Joannie and “Elf” Michael are very happy to share more of our wonderful stories from Santa’s Workshop! We love our Santa’s Workshop set so much, that I decided to light paint it and work it into images that clients ordered! Six Cute Cousins Enjoy The Santa Experience Our

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A brother and his big sister enjoy The Santa Experience of their own. The scene was greatly enhanced by light painting parts of it.

Riley, Ryder and The Santa Experience

Riley, Ryder, and The Santa Experience What a fun, wild and crazy weekend we just had! We had lots and lots of kids and their families at our studio over the weekend to visit Santa’s Workshop. Altogether, we had well over 70 people were here to visit with Santa Claus in his workshop. Every one of them

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