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Cole and his brother Jack have their Easter bunny photos taken with live bunnies.

More Bunny Photos 2015

Day two highlights of more cute kids and their Bunny photos for 2015! Simon and The Bunnies We got off to a shaky start Thursday morning with an adorable little dude, eleven-month-old Simon. Simon wasn’t so sure about this whole bunny thing. He was both happy and sad it seemed at the same time! But as

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Portraits with Santa Claus 2014. Professional studio portrait featuring four sister and their two puppies along with Santa Claus himself! Kids portrait taken at the studio of Michael Anderson Photography during their "Portraits with Santa Claus" special in November 2014.

Santa Claus Portrait Photography 2014- Olyvia, Hazyll, Vyvian & Ingryd

More “Santa Claus Portrait Photography” starring Olyvia, Hazyll, Vyvian & Ingryd! These four cute sisters and their two little puppies were in the studio for our first annual Santa Claus Portrait Photography portrait event back in November! These fun portraits with Santa Claus have all four of these cute sisters and their two dogs riding on a toboggan

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Santa Claus portrait photography of Morgan at the portrait studio of Michael Anderson Photography in Mounds View, MN. Image taken at their "Portraits with Santa Claus" special in November 2104. A charity fundraiser for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, MN.

2014 Santa Claus Portrait Photography of Morgan

Here’s another adorable young lady, Miss Morgan, and her Santa Claus portrait photography session highlights! Morgan, like most kids, was pretty apprehensive about meeting Santa Claus. But it didn’t take long before she and old Saint Nick were having fun together! They talked and played, and even got silly at times and then they took a

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Santa Claus photos of four cousins; Brooke, Brianna, Taylor and Lydia all dressed up in their Christmas dresses!

Santa Claus Photos of Brooke, Brianna, Taylor & Lydia

Santa Claus photos of four cute cousins! Two of “Uncle Mike’s” favorite little buddies were in studio to have their Santa Claus photos taken last Saturday! Five-year-old twin sisters, Brooke and Brianna stopped in to see our good friend Santa Claus and they brought their two adorable cousins Taylor and Lydia along too! This will

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Eleven year old Jamie and his seven year old sister Riley stopped by Anderson's photography studio for their portraits with Santa Claus.

Jamie and Riley’s Portraits With Santa Claus 2014

Our first annual “Portraits with Santa Claus” was lots of fun for everyone who attended! This fun charity event was attended by more than twenty-five kids of all ages. Lots of their parents and even some grandparents came along for the fun too! Everyone had lots of one on one time with Santa Claus. Joannie and “Uncle Mike”

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Five month old Claire stopped by Anderson's studio for her portraits with Santa Claus.

Claire’s Portraits With Santa Claus 2014

Our first annual “Portraits with Santa Claus” was a huge success! This fun event was attended by more than 25 kids and many of their parents and grandparents came along too! Everyone got lots of private time with Santa Claus! Joannie and “Uncle Mike” had cookies, brownies, juice boxes and treats for the kids and

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Two cousins have their Easter portraits taken with live bunnies.

Bunny Pictures for Easter

Logan and Brynlee’s Bunny Pictures for Easter 2014! Sunday marked the final day at our studio to have your kids Bunny Pictures for Easter 2014. We really had a wonderful Easter portrait season this year with lots of adorable kids meeting our bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.” By doing so, we raised much-needed money for the

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Two sisters with live bunnies for their Easter portraits in 2014.

Easter Portraits of Kenzie and Kaylie

Kenzie and Kaylie’s Adorable Easter Portraits for 2014! These two little cuties stopped by this morning for their Easter portraits with our little bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.” Three year old Kenzie and her four month old sister Kaylie are as cute as can be. And while Kaylie wasn’t really into the bunny experience, she is just

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Five siblings get their Easter portraits taken with live bunnies.

Kids Easter Portraits 2014

Kids Easter Portraits 2014 Easter Photos of Cole, Grace, Quinn, Griffin & Grant Cole, Grace, Quinn, Griffin & Grant stopped by to visit our little bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot” yesterday afternoon. As always when you mix live animals and kids (especially five of them) things get a little wild and crazy! Actually, it really went

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Seven month old twin boys and their Easter pictures with live bunnies.

Easter Pictures With Live Bunnies

Seven month old twins Nolan and Davin’s Easter Pictures with live bunnies! Well just when you think it can’t get any cuter it goes double cute! Seven month old twin brothers Nolan and Davin dropped by yesterday afternoon to visit with our bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.” Joannie and I had the honor of photographing Danielle

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