Bunny Pictures for Easter

Logan and Brynlee’s Bunny Pictures for Easter 2014!

Sunday marked the final day at our studio to have your kids Bunny Pictures for Easter 2014.

We really had a wonderful Easter portrait season this year with lots of adorable kids meeting our bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.” By doing so, we raised much-needed money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, MN.

The good folks at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf along with Joannie and I wish to thank you for your donations to this extremely worthy cause!

Two cousins have their Easter portraits taken with live bunnies.

Logan and Brynlee visit “Hop” and “Carrot” for their 2014 Easter Portraits.

Our final 2014 bunny session included my two little friends who have been studio regulars here these past two years. My “Uncle” Logan and his cute little cousin Miss Brynlee.

Actually, Brynlee has only just turned one, so she only been a studio regular that for long. In fact, Brynlee was just in the studio about three weeks ago for her one-year portraits and “Uncle Mike” has been her photographer for her entire first year! I’ve had the honor of creating her newborn portraits, three months, at six months, and also nine months too! She’s a little doll!

Then there’s Brynlee’s two-year-old cousin Logan. Logan is “pure boy” and his Uncle Mike has also been his photographer since he arrived on the scene two years ago yesterday!

A few of his portrait sessions you can check out are his six-month portraits, nine months, and his one-year session too! He will be back very soon for his two-year portraits and I’m looking forward to his visit! Happy Birthday little buddy!

Bunny Photos for Easter

Today it was time for their bunny pictures for Easter! And Logan and Brynlee surprised me a bit by not really being too excited once the bunnies actually appeared in front of them. I wasn’t really expecting that since they are used to being around their dogs. Kids will be kids!

Their session was still lots of fun and pretty active with both kids coming and going in and out of the scene. The images and video clips are really cute (as expected) despite the lack of “love” for our furry little friends.

So here are the highlights of Logan and Brynlee’s bunny pictures for Easter! Enjoy and Happy Easter from Michael and Joannie!

With our annual kids Easter portraits with live bunnies, we raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf by donating our session fees go directly to Ralph Reeder.

The Bunny Portrait Session Fee is $30 and to say thank you, we give you a free 8×10 from your favorite pose. Or for a $50 donation, you’ll receive two 8×10 prints of your choice! Please make your donation check out directly to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Thank you!

“Logan and Brynlee’s Bunny Pictures for Easter 2014!” – Images and video © 2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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