Easter Portraits of Kenzie and Kaylie

Kenzie and Kaylie’s Adorable Easter Portraits for 2014!

These two little cuties stopped by this morning for their Easter portraits with our little bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.”

Three year old Kenzie and her four month old sister Kaylie are as cute as can be. And while Kaylie wasn’t really into the bunny experience, she is just adorable just like her sister. Kaylie also bears a striking resemblance to our granddaughter Riley! Simply cute.

Two sisters with live bunnies for their Easter portraits in 2014.

Kenzie and Kaylie visit with Hop and Carrot.

Kenzie on the other hand, well she loved the bunnies and got lots of one on one time with them. I just love the way kids interact with our bunnies every year, they just totally enjoy the experience and most of them don’t even know they are being photographed! Very cute!

Here’s the highlights of their Easter portraits for 2014!

With our annual kids Easter portraits with live bunnies, we raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf by donating our session fees to directly to Ralph Reeder.

The Bunny Portrait Session Fee is $30 and to say thank you, we give you a free 8×10 from your favorite pose. Or for a $50 donation you’ll receive 2 – 8×10 prints of your choice! Please make your donation check out directly to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Thank you!


“Easter Portraits of Kenzie and Kaylie” – Images and video ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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