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Five siblings get their Easter portraits taken with live bunnies.

Kids Easter Portraits 2014

Kids Easter Portraits 2014 Easter Photos of Cole, Grace, Quinn, Griffin & Grant Cole, Grace, Quinn, Griffin & Grant stopped by to visit our little bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot” yesterday afternoon. As always when you mix live animals and kids (especially five of them) things get a little wild and crazy! Actually, it really went

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Kid’s Easter Portraits With Bunnies! – Simon

Another really cute kid dropped by to see Hop and Daisy for his Easter Portraits! Here we have Simon “Dude” and his Easter Bunny Portraits taken last night. Simon was very apprehensive from the start. He wasn’t going to be anywhere near those two little furry moving objects. In fact, I think there was a

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Children’s Easter Portraits With Bunnies – Avery

More adorable kids with Easter bunnies! Here we have Miss Avery who hopped by yesterday to have her portraits with Hop and Daisy! At 5 ½ months old, she’s just a cutie pie that’s for sure! Complete with her own bunny ears she’s just as adorable as they come. Here’s the highlights from Avery’s Easter

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Kids Portraits With Bunnies For Easter – Colson and Rylan

Here’s more great children’s portraits for Easter this time with Colson and Rylan! This was their second time here for Easter bunny portraits. Last Year Colson was just four months old and his big brother Rylan was two and a half. It also was in the 70’s outside! A lot certainly has changed in one

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Kids Easter Portraits With Bunnies – Simon, Sam, Spencer and Max!

Well here’s more bunny fun from Saturday’s kids portrait sessions with our bunnies “Hop” and “Daisy!” We started the day with twins and two little ones that could be and finished with triplets and their baby brother! Sam, Spencer, Simon and their brother Max dropped in to have their Easter portraits with the little bunnies.

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