Santa Claus Photos of Brooke, Brianna, Taylor & Lydia

Santa Claus photos of four cute cousins!

Two of “Uncle Mike’s” favorite little buddies were in studio to have their Santa Claus photos taken last Saturday! Five-year-old twin sisters, Brooke and Brianna stopped in to see our good friend Santa Claus and they brought their two adorable cousins Taylor and Lydia along too!

Santa Claus photos of four cousins; Brooke, Brianna, Taylor and Lydia all dressed up in their Christmas dresses!

Brooke, Brianna, Taylor, and Lydia with Santa Claus!

This will be the last time this cute group of four cousins gets to do this together as just this week Taylor has become a big sister! Drake Jeffery was born on November 19th, and Lydia will become a big sister next year! It’s going to get even more interesting for bunny portraits at Easter and Santa Claus portraits next year!

This was a fun and crazy session with Santa as Brooke got right to it making friends with Santa Claus even while the other girls were still getting their Christmas outfits on! Brianna wasn’t too crazy about this whole Santa Claus thing, Taylor was just checking everything out and Lydia really didn’t like the Santa idea at all!

Santa Claus photos of a little girl talking to Santa Claus about stuffed bears.

Santa and Taylor have a discussion about bears!

By the time they all left the studio, they were all giving Santa “high fives” and talking up a storm with our jolly old elf! It was really fun to see the transition from the start to the end of the Santa Claus photos of these four cuties! Very fun!

Santa Claus photos of five year old Brooke and Santa Claus.

Brooke and her new best friend Santa Claus!

The Santa Experience

Our Santa Claus photos charity event was attended by more than twenty-five kids of all ages and lots of their parents and some grandparents came along for the fun too!

Everyone had lots of special time with Santa Claus and Joannie and “Uncle Mike” supplied cookies, brownies, juice boxes and treats for the kids and the adults too!

At the end of each of the Santa Claus pictures, Santa presented each child with a special coin that had “I was caught being good” on it. He also presented each one of them their first candy cane of the season, and Santa was also kind enough to present each child with a small gift bag from Joannie and Michael.

Santa Claus photos of five year old Brianna and Santa Claus.

Brianna and her portrait with Santa Claus.

Each of our wonderful clients donated their $75 session fee (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful client’s generosity, we raised more than $1200 during our one-day Portraits with Santa Claus charity event! Thank you to all of you for making this a successful fundraising event! We’re going to have to do it again next year!

Santa Claus photos with five year old twins Brooke & Brianna in their pretty Christmas outfits!

Santa Claus poses with Brooke & Brianna in their pretty Christmas outfits!

Well, as you can see, these four are such cute and nice young ladies. “Uncle Mike” and Joannie just love all of their visits to our studio and we look forward to many more visits in the years to come with their new cousins too!

Here’s their special Santa Claus photos highlight video. I know you’re going to love it!

“Santa Claus Photos of Brooke, Brianna, Taylor & Lydia” – © 2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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