More Bunny Photos 2015

Day two highlights of more cute kids and their Bunny photos for 2015!

Simon and The Bunnies

We got off to a shaky start Thursday morning with an adorable little dude, eleven-month-old Simon. Simon wasn’t so sure about this whole bunny thing.

Easter photos of eleven month old Simon with real bunnies.

Simon with our bunnies Hopper & Snowball.

He was both happy and sad it seemed at the same time! But as you will see in his music video (and the very cute bunny photo above), he had a strong finish and he really is adorable! There are quite a few great bunny photos of him taken during his portrait session.

Kale, Kenley and The Bunnies

Our second session of the day pretty much was the complete opposite. But these two kids are older and they’re very experienced in this whole “bunny photos” thing. Kale and his sister Kenley have been here for their bunny portraits in 2014 and also back in 2013 as well!

Easter bunny photos of Kale and Kenley.

Kale and Kenley hanging out with “Hopper” & “Snowball.”

Mom and dad both came along for the entertainment with mom telling me that it was a mistake telling them about the bunnies so early because each day was pretty much “is today bunny day?” They didn’t hold back their excitement for one minute! Very fun!

Noah and The Bunnies

Our third bunny photo session of the day, the youngest little dude by far, was twelve-week-old Noah. He too has been to our studio before, not for bunnies but for his newborn portraits at just eleven days old!

Twelve week old Noah and his first Easter bunny photos.

Noah and “Snowball” during his first Easter bunny photos.

Noah actually seemed to enjoy his bunny photos being taken. I’m not sure it didn’t have something to do with the custom baby lounger his “Uncle Mike” created for him to assist him in sitting up for his portraits. All he needed was a nice tall “cold one” of baby formula.

Cole and Jack

Our next bunny photographs star the brother team of Cole “The Best Ring Bearer Ever” and his one-year-old brother Jack. Cole earned his nickname at his aunt’s wedding a few years back and I really mean it when I use that name! He is the best there is!

Cole and his brother Jack have their Easter bunny photos taken with live bunnies.

Cole and Jack hang out with “Hopper” & “Snowball.”

On this day, Cole continued impressing his “Uncle Mike.” This time by making sure his little brother got to enjoy having his bunny photos taken. Cole patiently held and coached Jack and kept him from roughing up and being roughed up by Hopper and Snowball. New title on your resume Cole; “Best Big Brother Ever!” Nice job my friend!

Mackenzie and Mason Meet The Bunnies

Our next cute duo is two and a half-year-old Mackenzie and her six-month-old brother Mason. Mackenzie is as cute as can be with her pretty red curly hair and her brother Mason just cracked me up putting just about anything in his mouth (his shoes, his tie, etc.) during much of the session. Very entertaining.

Mackenzi and her brother Mason have their Easter bunny photos taken with our live bunnies Hopper & Snowball.

Mackenzie and Mason have their Easter bunny photos taken with our bunnies “Hopper” & “Snowball.”

The highlight video has a little bit of everything, each of them alone and together with Hopper and Snowball, action shots, and Miss Mackenzie coming and going in and out of the set. It was really fun to witness and to photograph and I know you’ll enjoy it!

Katie and Brianna

Thursday’s final bunny photos showcase twin sisters Katie & Brianna. These ladies really like their bunnies! Each of them had to hold each one in their bunny photos and Hopper and Snowball didn’t mind at all!

Katie and Brianna in their Easter Bunny photos with our live bunnies Hopper & Snowball.

Katie & Brianna hang out with Hopper & Snowball.

I’m absolutely certain these girls would have taken Hopper & Snowball home if I would have offered! It was a fun ending to a full day of bunny photos!

Important Information about our Easter Bunny Portraits For 2015:

Each of our wonderful clients is donating either a $30 or $50 “session fee” (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful client’s generosity, we hope to raise a bunch of money to those in need! A big thank you in advance to all of you for making this a successful fundraising every year!

“More Bunny Photos 2015” – All Images & Videos ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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