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Professional Portraits with Santa as three cousins Anna, Ryan and Katie introduce two month old Lucy to Santa Claus!

Professional Portraits with Santa Starring Anna, Ryan, Katie and Lucy

Anna, Ryan, Katie, and Lucy dropped by our studio to have their professional portraits with Santa Claus. It was our first annual Santa Claus portrait event! Our professional portraits with Santa charity event helped raise more than $1100 for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf! The special one-day event was attended by more than twenty-five kids of all ages. Many

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Santa Claus photos of four cousins; Brooke, Brianna, Taylor and Lydia all dressed up in their Christmas dresses!

Santa Claus Photos of Brooke, Brianna, Taylor & Lydia

Santa Claus photos of four cute cousins! Two of “Uncle Mike’s” favorite little buddies were in studio to have their Santa Claus photos taken last Saturday! Five-year-old twin sisters, Brooke and Brianna stopped in to see our good friend Santa Claus and they brought their two adorable cousins Taylor and Lydia along too! This will

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Eleven year old Jamie and his seven year old sister Riley stopped by Anderson's photography studio for their portraits with Santa Claus.

Jamie and Riley’s Portraits With Santa Claus 2014

Our first annual “Portraits with Santa Claus” was lots of fun for everyone who attended! This fun charity event was attended by more than twenty-five kids of all ages. Lots of their parents and even some grandparents came along for the fun too! Everyone had lots of one on one time with Santa Claus. Joannie and “Uncle Mike”

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Five month old Claire stopped by Anderson's studio for her portraits with Santa Claus.

Claire’s Portraits With Santa Claus 2014

Our first annual “Portraits with Santa Claus” was a huge success! This fun event was attended by more than 25 kids and many of their parents and grandparents came along too! Everyone got lots of private time with Santa Claus! Joannie and “Uncle Mike” had cookies, brownies, juice boxes and treats for the kids and

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Easter Portraits of Anna, Ryan and Katie

Anna, Ryan and Katie dropped by the other day for their Children’s Easter Portraits with Hop and Daisy! I’ve had the pleasure of being their personal photographer since each of them were born and I’ve enjoyed watching each of them grow up from being babies to becoming little people. Ryan and Katie were “not thrilled”

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Children’s Easter Portraits With Bunnies – Avery

More adorable kids with Easter bunnies! Here we have Miss Avery who hopped by yesterday to have her portraits with Hop and Daisy! At 5 ½ months old, she’s just a cutie pie that’s for sure! Complete with her own bunny ears she’s just as adorable as they come. Here’s the highlights from Avery’s Easter

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Kids Portraits With Bunnies For Easter – Colson and Rylan

Here’s more great children’s portraits for Easter this time with Colson and Rylan! This was their second time here for Easter bunny portraits. Last Year Colson was just four months old and his big brother Rylan was two and a half. It also was in the 70’s outside! A lot certainly has changed in one

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Kids Easter Portraits With Bunnies – Simon, Sam, Spencer and Max!

Well here’s more bunny fun from Saturday’s kids portrait sessions with our bunnies “Hop” and “Daisy!” We started the day with twins and two little ones that could be and finished with triplets and their baby brother! Sam, Spencer, Simon and their brother Max dropped in to have their Easter portraits with the little bunnies.

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Kid’s Easter Bunny Portraits – Trevor and Landon

Here’s some cute Easter portrait images from Trevor and Landon’s Easter Bunny encounter on Saturday. These two boys are really cute little dudes! Trevor is a very curious three year old and wants to know how everything works. His three month old brother just “hung out” with the bunnies and they kind liked the little

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Kids Easter Portraits with Bunnies – Four Cousins Meet the Bunnies!

Kids Easter Portraits with Bunnies Well, we started off “Bunny Saturday” with a bang! Four of the cutest young ladies in matching Easter outfits came by to visit our little bunnies! My two longtime little friends, twin sisters Brooke and Brianna, had the honor of naming our two little furry friends. They decided on Hop

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