Jamie and Riley’s Portraits With Santa Claus 2014

Our first annual “Portraits with Santa Claus” was lots of fun for everyone who attended!

This fun charity event was attended by more than twenty-five kids of all ages. Lots of their parents and even some grandparents came along for the fun too!

Everyone had lots of one on one time with Santa Claus. Joannie and “Uncle Mike” supplied cookies, brownies, juice boxes and treats for the kids and the adults too!

At the conclusion of each of the Photos with Santa Claus, Santa presented each child with a special coin that had “I was caught being good” on it. He also presented each one of them their first candy cane of the season. Santa was also kind enough to present each child with a gift from Joannie and Michael.

This holiday portrait session highlights the Holiday adventures of Jamie and his sister Riley. These two kids had lots of fun meeting, playing and talking to Santa Claus and I think you’ll definitely see that in their “Portraits with Santa Claus” highlight video!

Eleven year old Jamie and his seven year old sister Riley stopped by Anderson's photography studio for their portraits with Santa Claus.

Jamie and Riley meet Santa Claus himself!

Jamie got to spend some quality with Santa which he totally enjoyed! He got so excited when he got to sit by and then get a hug from St. Nick!

Eleven year old Jamie stopped by Anderson's photography studio for his portraits with Santa Claus.

Jamie gets a hug from Santa Claus!

Riley had a bunch of fun pretending to “drive Santa’s sleigh” with Santa joining right in!

Seven year old Riley stopped by Anderson's photography studio for her portraits with Santa Claus.

Riley having fun with Santa Claus!

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Each of our wonderful clients donated their $75 session fee (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful client’s generosity, we raised more than $1100 during our one-day Portraits with Santa Claus charity event! Thank you to all of you for making this a successful fundraising event! We’re going to have to do it again next year!

We hope you enjoy watching Jamie and Riley’s “Portraits With Santa Claus” as much as we enjoyed creating it for them!


“Jamie and Riley’s Portraits With Santa Claus 2014” – © 2014 Michael Anderson Photography.


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