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One year old Olivia and her 2015 real Easter Bunny photos.

Real Easter Bunnies 2015

Highlights from three more cute kids portrait sessions with our real Easter bunnies Hopper & Snowball! Our leadoff hitter, Miss Olivia, is as cute as can be. Olivia has been to our Mounds View Photo Studio before for her adorable newborn portraits when she was just six days old. Joannie and I had the tremendous honor

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Seven month old twin boys and their Easter pictures with live bunnies.

Easter Pictures With Live Bunnies

Seven month old twins Nolan and Davin’s Easter Pictures with live bunnies! Well just when you think it can’t get any cuter it goes double cute! Seven month old twin brothers Nolan and Davin dropped by yesterday afternoon to visit with our bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.” Joannie and I had the honor of photographing Danielle

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