Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus

Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus

“Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus” was our second largest group of kids to share in “The Best Santa Experience” this year. These six nice kids, according to Santa’s Nice List, have been here every single year since we’ve been having Santa come down from the North Pole to visit our studio.

Well, I guess that’s not totally accurate, as some of them were not born when we started out, but you know what I mean.

Seven cousins meet Santa Claus at The Best Santa Experience at Michael Anderson Photography in Mounds View, MN.

The whole crew and Kris Kringle too!

Lots Of Cool Stuff To Do With Santa Claus

We’ve taken “The Best Santa Experience” up a few notches from our previous year’s amazing events. This year, each child received a letter from Santa Claus himself! As always, each one also received a gift bag from Kris Kringle. As always, there were lots of treats (for the adults too), milk and cookies with Santa, and much more!

Reindeer Flight School

We also introduced a totally new experience this year during “The Best Santa Experience”. Each child was given the opportunity to fly on a magic sled! Of course, it was closely supervised by Santa and Elf Joannie.

Once Santa was convinced that the child could earn their wings, he sprinkled a little of his “Santa Magic”, and off they went! Even some lucky parents and grandparents got to go flying too!

A few of the older kids even got to try “Sled Surfing”! Here’s Ryan giving it a shot. Nicely done dude!

A boy flies on Santa's magic sled. All part of the The Best Santa Experience raising money to help fight Cystic Fibrosis.

Ryan takes Santa’s magic sled for a test drive!

The whole time, Santa would share stories about how his team of nine flying reindeer likes to do surprising things while in flight. For instance, Santa told us that Rudolph likes going up and down real fast! And Prancer and Comet enjoy making sharp turns! It was a great new way to make “The Best Santa Experience” even more special.

Santa and Cystic Fibrosis

As we have the past few years, we’re raising funds from “The Best Santa Experience” to help fight Cystic Fibrosis. Each of our clients made a donation of $75 or more directly to Cystic Fibrosis. In addition, Joannie and I are giving a portion of the studio’s proceeds from print and holiday product sales to Cystic Fibrosis too! It’s a win-win for everybody!

We’ve created another super cute highlight music video with some of our favorite images, and some short video clips, from “Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus”. It’s pretty darn cute, that’s all we can say! Happy Holidays to you! – M&J

“Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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