Santa’s Workshop

The Santa Experience in Santa’s Workshop

“Elf” Joannie and “Elf” Michael are very happy to share more of our wonderful stories from Santa’s Workshop! We love our Santa’s Workshop set so much, that I decided to light paint it and work it into images that clients ordered!

Six Cute Cousins Enjoy The Santa Experience

Our first group of six cousins are certainly not strangers to our studio. I’ve had the honor of photographing each one of them since they all were newborns! Joannie and I also photographed each of their parent’s weddings too!

Six cousins get to take a peek at Santa's "Nice List" at Santa's Workshop. It turns out that they all are on the list!

Six cousins get to take a sneak peek at Santa’s “Nice List”. It turns out that they all are on the list!

We’ve got many cute images of all of them as a group and the kids from each of the three families as well. As you might guess with that many little ones at one time, it’s not the quietest or most organized session, but it sure is fun and entertaining! Their highlight music video has all of the action captured pretty well!

Mackenna Visits Santa’s Workshop

Sweet little Mackenna dropped by to visit with Santa Claus too!

Adorable little Mackenna listens to a story from Santa Claus in Santa's Workshop.

Adorable little Mackenna listens to a story from Santa Claus.

This little cutie pie is about to experience her very first Christmas season. And she’s got the cute outfits all ready to go! This was already Mackenna’s second visit to our studio since she arrived earlier this year! And, I actually photographed her as a newborn in her home too. Of course, we also photographed mom and dad’s wedding too!

Her Santa Claus photographs and music video are just simply adorable!

Claire and Logan Pay a Visit to Santa’s Workshop

In addition to photographing mom and dad’s wedding, I’ve also photographed both of these two adorable siblings since they were newborn babies. Claire and Logan brought along their own work aprons that their grandma made for them. They helped Santa get some work done on some of the toys in his workshop!

Their wonder and enthusiasm with Santa was so much fun to witness.

During Claire and Logan’s time in Santa’s Workshop, little Isabella (whose blog post and video will be coming soon), as well as our grandchildren Riley and Ryder got a little group photo together. All five of these kids are “kids of our kids”, part of our dance family from many years ago. How the time flies by!

Five little friends pose with Santa Claus in Santa's Workshop.

Five little friends pose with Santa Claus.

Four Cousins in Santa’s Workshop

Four cousins get to take a peek at Santa's naughty and nice list at Santa's Workshop.

Four cousins get to take a peek at Santa’s “Nice List” to see if they are on it!

Our last group that we’re going to share with you today are also kids that I’ve had the pleasure to photograph since they each were newborns! And yes, we photographed both sets of parents’ wedding as well. In fact, Joannie & I just photographed their whole family up on the north shore this past August!

These kids are always so sweet, each and every time we see them! It’s never been a problem for any of these four to end up on Santa’s “Nice List”!

Santa’s Workshop Raising Money for Cystic Fibrosis

Our 2017 “Santa’s Workshop” themed portraits are helping us to raise money to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Our Session Fee of $75 or more, is being donated entirely to Cystic Fibrosis, with our wonderful clients writing their checks directly to CF.

In addition, Joannie & I will be donating a portion of their custom print orders to CF as well. It’s our small way of helping to fight Cystic Fibrosis.

Our godchild, Lindsey, has Cystic Fibrosis. In October of 2016, Lindsey received a double lung transplant at the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis. We’re happy to report that Lindsey has recuperated very nicely and is enjoying life again with her new lungs.

So once again this year, all of the monies we raise this year will be given to Cystic Fibrosis in Lindsey’s honor. Let’s hope they can find a cure for CF soon!

During each fun-filled Santa photo session, kids got to visit with Santa Claus in his workshop for about 30 to 45 minutes while reading books, working on toys, singing songs and hanging out with Kris Kringle. Especially fun is the Raindeer Macarena Dance that Santa shared with many of the kids and their parents.

Santa also gave presents to each child, and there were treats for young and old alike to enjoy while they were here. We’ll be sharing lot’s more of The Santa Experience coming in the weeks ahead.

Our “Santa’s Workshop” photographs and The Santa Experience will be cherished for many years to come. – M&J

“Santa’s Workshop” – © 2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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