How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly

How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly?

“How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly?” is one of the many questions that every child wants to know about Santa Claus. Well, at The Best Santa Experience, Santa not only shared stories about his flying reindeer, but he also showed the kids how they fly!

This year, Santa gave lots of kids a chance to fly just like he and his reindeer do! This flying lesson was held indoors on Santa’s Magic Sled. Nearly every child that saw Santa Claus took him up on a flight. Even some moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas took a ride on “The Sled!”

How Do Santa's Reindeer Fly? Two cute kids take a ride on Santa's Magic Sled.

Veronica and Lainey take Santa’s Magic Sled out for a spin!

With the help of some “Santa Magic” and a fair amount of “Elf Magic” from Elves Michael & Joannie, these cute kids (and adults) took flight on “Santa’s Magic Sled!” It really was very enjoyable to watch everyone hop on board and have some extra fun with Kris Kringle.

Back For More in 2019

“How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly?” was such a fun new addition to “The Best Santa Experience” that we’re going to try and incorporate it into next year’s theme somehow.

We already know that in 2019, we’ll be returning to our timeless Storytime With Santa theme, but on a different set than the last time. If you’re looking for outfits, you should know that “Buffalo Plaid” will be back next year in the set design.

Milk and Cookies

Also, new this year, Santa Claus shared milk and cookies with all of the kids near the end of their visits. While the milk was fake, the cookies were not! It was a tasty (and at times messy) conclusion to their magical time with Kris Kringle. We kept a vacuum cleaner very close by so that Santa’s Magic Cabin was all spic-and-span for the next group of kids.

Two kids share milk and cookies with Santa at The Best Santa Experience in Mounds View, MN.

Kira and Austin share a milk toast with Santa Claus.

This also was so much fun, that we’re pretty sure that we’re going to incorporate it into next year’s theme as well. Cookie crumbs, here we come!

Santa Claus and Cystic Fibrosis

Once again this year, we were raising money for Cystic Fibrosis! Each family brought a check for $75 or more written directly to CF. Joannie and I also made a donation to CF from the Santa products purchased afterward.

What a great way to help others at Christmastime! We will be doing the same thing next year too!

The Best Santa Experience 2019

Please watch our website and our special Facebook page for the dates that Santa Claus will be here next year. Tentatively, we think that one of the weekends will be in mid-to-late October and another will be in early November. We should know for sure sometime in early 2019.

Also coming in 2019, our brand-new website dedicated to The Best Santa Experience will go live. That web address will be:

In the meantime, Joannie and I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! – M&J

How Do Santa’s Reindeer Fly” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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