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Seven cousins pose with bunnies during their 2019 Easter photos with real bunnies.

2019 Easter Photos With Real Bunnies

2019 Easter Photos With Real Bunnies We’ve got more cute kids and their 2019 Easter photos with real bunnies! Yes, Spot and Fluffy were busy the past two weeks creating Easter Bunny portraits for families to enjoy for many years to come! These two cute bunnies were instrumental in helping us and to raise money for the Ralph Reeder

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Because we are tired of winter, here is Veronica's cute three-year-old portraits from last fall.

Tired Of Winter

Veronica’s Three-Year-Old Portraits Since I’m getting pretty tired of winter weather, I went looking back to when it was warm outside (which seems like two years ago), to find something warm to write about. So I’d love to share some of Veronica’s three-year-old portraits with you! Miss Veronica dropped by last September with her mom

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Seven cousins meet Santa Claus at The Best Santa Experience at Michael Anderson Photography in Mounds View, MN.

Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus

Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus “Seven Cousins Meet Santa Claus” was our second largest group of kids to share in “The Best Santa Experience” this year. These six nice kids, according to Santa’s Nice List, have been here every single year since we’ve been having Santa come down from the North Pole to visit our studio. Well, I guess

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Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photographs. A fun Easter Bunny photo of a cute five-year-old boy and his baby sister with two real bunnies.

Mounds View MN Portrait Photographer Easter Bunny Photographs

Mounds View MN Portrait Photographer Easter Bunny Photographs Tyler and Olivia’s Easter Bunny Photos I just had to write about these two cute kids and their Easter Bunny pictures. Tyler and Olivia are no strangers to our studio. They were recently here to enjoy The Best Santa Experience early last November. Olivia was only two months old

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Five little friends pose with Santa Claus in Santa's Workshop.

Santa’s Workshop

The Santa Experience in Santa’s Workshop “Elf” Joannie and “Elf” Michael are very happy to share more of our wonderful stories from Santa’s Workshop! We love our Santa’s Workshop set so much, that I decided to light paint it and work it into images that clients ordered! Six Cute Cousins Enjoy The Santa Experience Our

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