More Storytime with Santa

More Storytime With Santa Stories From The Best Santa Experience

Since Christmas is just four days away, Joannie and I would like to share a few more Storytime with Santa stories with you.

Hunter, Gabe, Noah and Sweet Three Year Old Ruby

More Storytime with Santa portraits for The Best Santa Experience. Four kids get to peek into Santa's magical toy bag, magic pixie dust and all!

Christmas Magic!

These four kids, ages three to eight, really enjoyed their visit with Santa Claus. The boys, in particular, were very excited to talk to Santa, little three-year-old Ruby was fine too, just as long as she wasn’t right next to Mr. Kringle. But by the end of their visit, even Ruby had a nice one-on-one with Santa Claus!

Kylie, Jaelynn, Ronin & Elizabeth Visit The Man In The Red Suit

More Storytime with Santa portraits for The Best Santa Experience. Santa shares a little "pixie dust" with an adorable one month old baby girl.

Santa shares a little “pixie dust” with sweet little Elizabeth.

Here’s another foursome in the studio for more Storytime with Santa. These kids actually woke Santa up from a little nap! Well, everyone but Elizabeth, at just one-month-old, she let the big kids take care of that for her. These four had a wonderful time, and the matching PJ’s are really adorable!

Jacob, John & Kris Kringle

More Storytime with Santa portraits for The Best Santa Experience. Two brothers get a sneak peek into Santa's magic toy bag, pixie dust and all!

Jacob and John get a sneak peek into Santa’s magic toy bag.

At two and a half years old, Jacob needed much reassurance, and so family, especially grandpa, had to be by his side for most of his visit with Santa. It didn’t matter at all to little nine-month-old John. His job was to take it all in and be cute, and he nailed it!

There are lots of fun images and we’ve even got grandpa and grandma doing the Reindeer Macarena too! It was a really fun time for the whole family. At the very end of the visit, Jacob even sat on Santa’s lap with the new dump truck that Santa had just given him. Pretty sweet!

Santa Visits with Keaton and Sophie

More Storytime with Santa portraits for The Best Santa Experience. A brother and his baby sister peek into Santa's magic toy bag.

Sophie & Keaton get a peek into Santa’s magical toy bag.

Little eighteen-month-old Sophie had no intention of meeting with Santa Claus, at least at the beginning. But as is usually the case, by the end of the visit, Santa was pretty cool after all. Her big brother Keaton did everything he could to get his sister to hang out with Santa. Keaton ended up with the lion’s share of Santa time, I’m pretty sure that will be different next year when Sophie gets older.

I especially love the video clip that shows her opening her gift bag and wanting the fruit snacks opened immediately! Very cute.

More Storytime with Santa for Cystic Fibrosis

For 2017, The Best Santa Experience featured both “Storytime With Santa” and “Santa’s Workshop” themed Christmas portraits. The Best Santa Experience helped us to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Our Session Fee of $75 was donated entirely to Cystic Fibrosis, with our wonderful clients writing their checks directly to CF.

In addition, Joannie & I donated a portion of their custom print orders to CF as well. It’s our small way of helping to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

In October of 2016, our Godchild, Lindsey, received a double lung transplant at the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis. We’re happy to report that Lindsey has recuperated very nicely and is enjoying life again with her new lungs.

So once again this year, all of the monies we raise this year were given to Cystic Fibrosis in Lindsey’s honor. Let’s hope they can find a cure for CF soon!

During each fun-filled Santa photo session, kids got to visit with Santa Claus in his workshop for about 45 minutes while reading books, working on toys, singing songs and hanging out with Kris Kringle. Santa gave presents to each child, and there were treats for young and old alike to enjoy while they were here.

“More Storytime with Santa” © 2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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