Ben & Michelle’s ABULAE Wedding Ceremony

Here’s our third highlight music video from Ben & Michelle’s ABULAE Wedding Ceremony!

Joannie & I would like to start out by thanking Bjorn Meisner of Bjorn Meisner Photography (all non-watermarked images are his creation) and Brad Rich of A.B. Rich Films for their beautiful work that you’re about to enjoy. They made it possible for mom & dad to be just that; mom & dad. Thank you, guys!

Part two concluded with both myself and Ben having our first looks with Michelle in her truly stunning wedding dress and then a few window light portraits of the just the two of them. That dress looked like it was made just for Michelle! Wow!

Part three features many family and wedding party portraits as well as some fun wedding candids mixed in there too followed by their beautiful ABULAE wedding ceremony!

I’ll begin with a three generation window light portrait that I took of my four incredibly pretty girls.

A'BULAE wedding photo of a bride, her mom, her sister and her niece.

My four beautiful girls!

Then a little wedding party action courtesy of Bjorn.

Wedding party photo at A'BLUAE in downtown Saint Paul, MN.

Michelle & Ben with their wonderful wedding party!

Kids Will Be Kids

In the video, you’ll also get to see yours truly doing what I’ve done for years and years with small kids at weddings and in the studio, being silly! This time it was for Grandpa’s Little Buddy, Riley, who it turns out was running out of gas and was coming down with something. Riley had to go home early with grandma Debbie & grandpa Mark before dinner with a high fever. Bummer.

Wedding party sitting by and on the bar at A'BULAE in Saint Paul, MN.

A fun wedding party pose on the bar at A’BULAE!

There are also some fun images (one of which is below) taken up on the chilly rooftop of A’BULAE just a few moments before Michelle & Ben went down the aisle to get married.

Bride and groom about to kiss under her veil on the rooftop at A'BULAE in Saint Paul, MN.

Michelle & Ben on the rooftop at A’BULAE.

Their highlight music video concludes with Michelle & Ben’s beautiful A’BULAE wedding ceremony with some fun video clips from my DXO One Camera from my from row seat!

Bride holds her wedding vows written on a glittery card at her A'BULAE wedding ceremony.

Michelle displays her wedding vows which were (of course) on a very glittery card!

Groom giving his vows to his wife to be at their A'BULAE wedding ceremony.

Ben gives his vows to Michelle.

The Wedding Vows

As the Father of the Bride, I would have loved to include their complete vows along with the audio, but at a little more than five minutes, it was too long to include. I know they’re our kids, but they were some of, if not the best wedding vows I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard just a few in my 30-years as a professional wedding photographer! Pretty much everyone both laughed and cried.

Bride & groom lighting their Unity Candle during their ABULAE wedding ceremony.

Michelle & Ben lighting their Unity Candle.

Please enjoy their music video, we’ll have the finale to Michelle & Ben’s A’BULAE wedding day to share in the days to come!

Happy New Year!

“Ben & Michelle’s ABULAE Wedding Ceremony” – Images © Bjorn Meisner Photography & Michael Anderson Photography. Video clips © Brad Rich at A.B. Rich Films & Michael Anderson Photography. Music video ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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