Howie & Val’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Howie & Val Anderson’s 60th Wedding Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that these two characters have been married for six decades already!

Family portrait taken for a 60th wedding anniversary at a beautiful family wedding at A'Bulae in Saint Paul, MN.

Anderson family portrait was taken at Michelle & Ben’s wedding last December 19th.

Above is our Anderson family portrait created on Michelle & Ben’s beautiful wedding day last December 19th. This wedding photo was taken at A’Bulae in downtown Saint Paul, MN.

Mom really wanted to have this portrait done at their wedding, and she & dad proudly display a 50-inch wall portrait in their home of this very image. A big thank you to our friend Bjorn Meisner for capturing this and many other great wedding images for us to enjoy forever!

Happy 60th wedding anniversary mom & dad! We love you!

“Howie & Val’s 60th Wedding Anniversary” – Image © Bjorn Meisner Photography – ©Michael Anderson Photography.

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