Ben & Michelle’s A’BULAE Wedding

Here are our first and second highlight music videos from Ben & Michelle’s A’BULAE Wedding!

Window light portrait of the bride & groom used in their wedding slide show at ABULAE in Saint Paul, MN.

Michelle & Ben at A’BULAE.

We begin part one with our little flower girl and Grandpa’s Little Buddy Riley. Since she’s only two, it took a concerted effort by all of us to (hopefully) get her to go down the aisle at the wedding. So you’ll see a “practice run” in her kitchen, complete with a song! Cute!

Then on to Michelle’s final wedding dress fitting at Amazing Alterations in Anoka, MN. Dad was invited to share in the event and I must say that it was fun watching my four girls and all of their excitement with their pretty dresses and all that bling! Joannie, Jen, and Riley also got to try on their dresses and Riley gave us a few twirls too!

Moving Day

Later in the day, it was time to load up “Big Red” and Michelle’s car and move into the St. Paul DoubleTree by Hilton for the weekend. Although it appears that we’re moving there for good, it was only for the weekend!

That evening, Ben’s parents Mike & Jessica, hosted a fun grooms dinner at the Rival House right at the Hilton. There was lots of laughter, fun, good food and drink and some glitter tossed in there too!

On to Michelle & Ben’s beautiful wedding day and highlight music video part two!

We all got up before the sun did to get all moved and settled in for their A’BULAE wedding! The coldest morning of our warm winter greeted us as it was only 9 degrees outside. Thankfully, this was an indoor wedding!

Once we settled in at A’BULAE, the girls started getting ready in the beautiful bride’s room and dad started with the detail shots and all of the fun photos of the girls getting ready.

The brides and bridesmaid dresses, shoes and matching bags in the brides room at an A'BULAE wedding in St. Paul, MN.

A little bit of sparkle!

If you’re wondering; mom and dad were NOT the wedding photographers for Michelle & Ben on this day! Dad just did the early stuff so that we didn’t burn out our friend Bjorn of Bjorn Meisner Photography. Bjorn took over at about 11:00 am and dad was dad most of the time after that.

Dad did keep himself busy in the background with Michelle & Ben’s “Reflections” wedding slideshow which was shown to all of their guests at the reception later on that night. Bjorn was kind enough to let me grab some of his wedding day images to place at the end of the slideshow, so I spent some time in a private room adding in those surprise images to the end of their slideshow. Fun!

More To Come

Part two includes many images of both Ben & Michelle getting ready for their A’BULAE wedding day as well as both dad and Ben’s first looks with my beautiful daughter Michelle who is now Ben’s wife. It concludes with some of their pretty window light bridal portraits.

My thanks to our friend Brad Rich of A.B. Rich Films for some of the video clips that are included in the music video.

The image below is one of the final images that I took before going from wedding photographer back to Father of the Bride that Saturday morning.

Please enjoy these music videos and we’ll have more of Michelle & Ben’s A’BULAE wedding day to share in the days to come!

Michelle & Ben

The newlyweds are on their way back home today from their beautiful honeymoon in Grenada. We look forward to seeing them tonight at the airport! Happy New Year!

“Ben & Michelle’s A’BULAE Wedding” – Some images © Bjorn Meisner Photography. Some video clips © A.B. Rich Films. Music video ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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