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A cool light painting of a pink Cadillac Escalade with a young dancer dressed in a Barbie dance costume.

Light Painting a Pink Cadillac Escalade

Light Painting a Pink Cadillac Escalade We’ve got another one of Grandpa Mike’s cool creations to share with you. Light painting a pink Cadillac Escalade! And not just any Escalade, but a “Barbie Girl” Pink Cadillac Escalade complete with our very own “Barbie Girl”, Miss Riley! The Dance Year That Wasn’t For obvious reasons, the 2020 dance

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Stunning light painted senior portrait composite created at Elm Creek Chalet at sunset and in-studio on green screen.

Senior Portraits in Long Lake Park

Piper’s Senior Portraits in Long Lake Park. Time for something positive and fun! We want to share some of Piper’s senior portraits in Long Lake Park. Last fall, I had the pleasure of creating Piper’s senior photos (with the help of her mom, Rhonda). It was a glorious fall evening at Long Lake Regional Park

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Elk River High School senior portrait green screen composite. A baseball player, with his bat, standing in front of a scoreboard.

Elk River High School Senior

Elk River High School Senior You know it’s springtime, or at least getting there, when our thoughts turn to baseball. Well, Sam’s Elk River High School senior portraits definitely have a baseball feel to them. Even last fall, when we created most of them, I met Sam and his mom at the baseball field in

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One of Fisher's Hill Murray High School senior portraits. A soccer green screen composite of the save being made.

Hill Murray High School Senior Portraits

Hill Murray High School Senior Portraits We’re all getting spring fever now, so it’s time to start thinking some nice warm thoughts. Today, we’ll share some of Fisher’s Hill Murray High School senior portraits that we created together last fall on a beautiful afternoon in downtown Stillwater, MN. I met Fisher and his mom, Sunday,

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The cutest baseball player ever! A green screen photo of a one-year-old baby girl wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey.

Cutest Baseball Player Ever

The Cutest Baseball Player Ever! Here’s the short story behind one-year-old Charlotte’s green screen composite photograph that I’ve titled as “The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!” When you look at her “regular” one-year-old portrait below, there can be no denying that Charlie, as her family calls her, is pretty darn cute! Then there’s Charlie’s cute little

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A fire truck family portrait with a light painted photo of New Brighton Engine #498.

Fire Truck Family Portrait

Fire Truck Family Portrait with New Brighton Aerial 498 We’ve got another really cool project just completed. A light painted fire truck family portrait! This is a pretty special combination light portrait. This three-part photo is one part family portrait, one part light painting, and one part pregnancy announcement too! New Brighton Fire Department Deputy Chief Mike

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