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A stunning before and after light painted tropical flower arrangement at Hana Tropicals on Maui, Hawaii.

Light Painting Orchids At Hana Tropicals

Light Painting Orchids At Hana Tropicals While on our trip to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary, Joannie and I had the unique opportunity of light painting orchids at Hana Tropicals on Maui. These are some truly stunning tropical flowers and we’re going to share some of the before and after light painting photographs in this story!

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A cute fantasy baby portrait titled "The Little Aviator." An adorable five month old baby boy flying a hot air balloon in the clouds over Pololu Valley on the big island of Hawaii.

The Little Aviator

Ryder, The Little Aviator! Here’s our adorable little grandson Ryder, starring as “The Little Aviator” for his five-month-old baby portrait! I got the idea of having Ryder flying in a hot air balloon after watching the Disney Pixar movie “Up” with our granddaughter Riley. When he’s wearing his cute aviator hat and goggles, I think Ryder

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Close up bridal portrait taken at The New Victorian Mansion B&B in Saint Paul, MN.

The Happy Gnome Wedding of Jon & Blenda

On April 16th, I had the honor of being the wedding photographer at The Happy Gnome wedding of Jon & Blenda! I’ve known Jon for many, many years and have photographed his kid’s senior portraits. Joannie and I have also photographed his entire police department several times back when he was a police officer. So it was

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