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Three year old portraits of Isaiah in his cowboy hat.

Three Year Old Portraits of Isaiah

Isaiah was in the studio last week to celebrate his third birthday and to have his three-year-old portraits taken! This little dude is no stranger to our studio. He’s been here for his nine-month portraits, eighteen-month portraits, two-year portraits and bunnies to name just a few times in just his first three years on this rock! Pretty cool.

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Two year old portraits of Brynlee having fun dancing in the studio.

Two Year Old Portraits of Brynlee

Last Friday, Brynlee was here on her birthday for her two-year-old portraits! Actually, she was here twice. Once in the morning, apparently just to check our place out (not a happy camper), and then again in the afternoon (a very happy camper). What’s that you say? She’s been here many, many times before hasn’t she? Brynlee loves

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One year old portrait of Jocelyn in a studio garden setting.

Jocelyn’s One Year Old Portraits

I had the pleasure of creating Jocelyn’s one-year-old portraits on Wednesday morning! Jocelyn is a petite one-year-old on the verge of standing and we all know what that means. Walking won’t be too far behind! Well on this day, she was just a normal one-year-old wanting to wiggle around and explore everything she could. Jocelyn is

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Newborn baby boy dressed as "Yoda" from Star Wars and sporting a light saber too!

Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits

Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits Here are some newborn photos of Wyatt James, another cute baby in the studio for his newborn baby boy portraits! Wyatt is a super cute eleven-day-old baby boy who likes Star Wars already! Yep, that’s the little guy sporting the “Yoda” look at less than two weeks old! He’s also using

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Newborn baby photos of a eleven day old boy cuddling with his mom.

Noah’s Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photos of Noah at Just Eleven Days Old! A cute little story about Noah’s Newborn baby photos. It’s been “Baby Week” the last week or so here at the studio, first off with the very huggable eleven-day-old Lainey stopping by for her newborn baby pictures. Then 7-month-old Emma making a return visit to our studio for

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Emma's cute 7 month old baby portraits taken at the home studio of Minneapolis portrait photographer Michael Anderson of Michael Anderson Photography.

Emma’s 7 Month Old Baby Portraits

Here’s Emma, another little cutie pie in the studio for her 7 Month Old Baby Portraits! It’s been a fun last week or so in our portrait studio with lots of babies getting their portraits taken. Last week it was three-week-old Lainey Elise, and this week we have Emma and two other babies that we will

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Santa Claus portrait photography of Morgan at the portrait studio of Michael Anderson Photography in Mounds View, MN. Image taken at their "Portraits with Santa Claus" special in November 2104. A charity fundraiser for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, MN.

2014 Santa Claus Portrait Photography of Morgan

Here’s another adorable young lady, Miss Morgan, and her Santa Claus portrait photography session highlights! Morgan, like most kids, was pretty apprehensive about meeting Santa Claus. But it didn’t take long before she and old Saint Nick were having fun together! They talked and played, and even got silly at times and then they took a

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Children’s Portraits Of Brynlee

Children’s Portraits Of Brynlee Brynlee has just turned six months old and so she brought her mom & grandma along today for her children’s portraits to celebrate the occasion! Brynlee is such a cute little lady, with very pretty, big eyes. And she’s getting much more active than when she was here for her three-month

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