Six Month Old Portraits of Lucy

I had another adorable little lady; Miss Lucy in the studio today for her six-month-old portraits!

Actually, I had three! Lucy brought her big sister Katie and her mom too! I guess neither of the girls is allowed to drive yet.

Lucy poses on her tummy for her six month old portraits.

Adorable little Lucy poses on her tummy!

Lucy is just adorable! And like most little ones that drop by for their six-month-old portraits (or most other baby ages for that matter), she needed to be “refueled” while she was here! No problem. Now I know why mom came along! 🙂

Lucy & her big sister Katie pose for her six month old portraits.

Fun six-month-old portraits of Lucy & her big sister Katie.

Lucy’s big sister got into the act as well, with a couple of cameos with her baby sister. Three and a half-year-old Katie was a very patient big sister too, as she had to do some waiting for her baby sister to eat and get comfortable for her portraits. Thank you, Katie, you’re so sweet and such a great helper too!

If you’d like another treat, here’s the link to Katie’s six-month-old portraits too! Beware, that’s a lot of cuteness for a Thursday night. You might have to call in sick tomorrow!

Lucy sitting in a toy chest for her six month old portraits.

Miss Lucy sits in a toy chest during her six-month-old portraits.

We finished Lucy’s session in the nick of time, just as she was running out of gas. She actually fell asleep before she even got out the door! It’s hard work being downright adorable!

So here are some of my favorite six-month-old photos of Lucy along with her big sister Katie. There’s even a quick cameo of mom snuck in there too! Enjoy and have a nice Thursday evening!

“Six-Month-Old Portraits of Lucy” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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