Three Year Old Portraits of Isaiah

Isaiah was in the studio last week to celebrate his third birthday and to have his three-year-old portraits taken!

Three year old portraits of Isaiah in a window.

Isaiah acting like a normal three-year-old boy.

This little dude is no stranger to our studio. He’s been here for his nine-month portraits, eighteen-month portraits, two-year portraits and bunnies to name just a few times in just his first three years on this rock! Pretty cool.

As with most three-year-old boys, Isaiah is an active little guy, all over the studio exploring and “showing off” to mom, dad, and his “Uncle Mike”. We’d get him in a cute pose, grab the camera and “poof” he’d be someplace else! A pretty normal three-year-old boy that’s for sure!

As you’ll see in Isaiah’s highlight music video, there are several portraits of Isaiah with his mom too. It was like “Let’s Make A Deal” getting him to stay in one spot long enough to capture an image, let alone any with his mom. But perseverance paid off as we got some pretty fun images with mom. We also scored many great solo three-year-old portraits of our young cowboy.

Three year old portraits of Isaiah in his cowboy hat.

Isaiah is one cool cowboy.

It’s so fun to watch kids at these young ages, they’re growing up so fast and their personalities are always changing. Isaiah is a pretty inquisitive little boy and is well on his way to becoming a very smart young man. He’s always checking things out and asking lots of questions. It makes for learning a lot of new things when you’re three years old.

I really love Isaiah’s cowboy portrait above. He and his horse just “nailed it!” I just love that expression. Thank you, Mr. Attitude!

I know you’ll enjoy Isaiah’s three-year-old portraits & his highlight video. Thanks for coming in and happy birthday dude!

“Three-Year-Old Portraits of Isaiah” – Michael Anderson Photography.

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