Noah’s Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photos of Noah at Just Eleven Days Old!

A cute little story about Noah’s Newborn baby photos. It’s been “Baby Week” the last week or so here at the studio, first off with the very huggable eleven-day-old Lainey stopping by for her newborn baby pictures. Then 7-month-old Emma making a return visit to our studio for her updated baby portraits. And now here’s another beautiful eleven-day-old, this time a baby boy, along with his mom too.

Noah was born on January 4th and these are the highlights of his adorable newborn photographs taken just last week! Joannie and I had the pleasure of taking mom and dad’s wedding photographs in October 2013.

Newborn baby photos of a eleven day old boy taking a little nap during his photo session.

Cute little Noah, just eleven days old!

Noah’s baby portrait session went as smooth as silk. He’s a very easy going, content little guy. As you can see, he’s pretty darn cute too! We even got some portraits taken with his mommy!

Newborn baby photos of a eleven day old boy cuddling with his mom.

Noah and his mommy!

“Uncle Mike” really enjoys taking newborn baby portraits. Especially when he gets to hold these wonderful little gifts from God after their portrait sessions.

We’ve got more newborn baby photos to show you with highlights of one more of these cute little buggers coming up this week. We’ll be showing you the beautiful newborn baby photos of Wyatt James in another day or two. In the meantime, enjoy a little Monday morning break with the highlights from Noah’s newborn baby photos!

“Noah’s Newborn Baby Photos” -©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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