Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits

Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits

Here are some newborn photos of Wyatt James, another cute baby in the studio for his newborn baby boy portraits! Wyatt is a super cute eleven-day-old baby boy who likes Star Wars already! Yep, that’s the little guy sporting the “Yoda” look at less than two weeks old!

Newborn baby boy dressed as "Yoda" from Star Wars!

Here’s Wyatt doing his “Yoda!”

He’s also using “The Force” at a very young age. Wyatt already uses his Jedi Knight lightsaber with his eyes closed! That’s pretty sweet.

Wyatt was kind enough not to use “The Force” to pick up or toss around any of “Uncle Mikes” photography studio gear. For that, I want to thank you, Jedi Wyatt!

Newborn Baby Boy Portraits. Baby boy dressed as "Yoda" from Star Wars and sporting a light saber too!

Wyatt uses “The Force” while sporting his lightsaber!

Joannie and I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographers for Wyatt’s mom and dad, Brent and Megan, back on June 22, 2013, at the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul, MN.

And they both got in on the act with their adorable little guy too! Here is Brent and his little guy.

Studio portrait of a newborn baby boy and his dad.

Wyatt and his proud daddy!

And here we have mommy cuddling with her sleeping Jedi Knight (or is he still using “The Force?”).

Studio portrait of a newborn baby boy and his mom.

Wyatt enjoys a little nap time with mom!

“Uncle Mike” has had a bunch of babies in the studio the last couple of weeks. And that is definitely one of his favorite things for sure!

If you need a little baby fix, you can check out these little buggers: Emma (who’s seven months old), Noah (also eleven days old) and Lainey (at three weeks old). Nothing better than a cute baby to make your day!

Before you watch Wyatt’s highlight video there’s one more of Wyatt’s newborn baby boy portraits to show you. This time he’s sporting his “college nerd” outfit! Cutest nerd ever! Enjoy!

Newborn Baby Boy Portraits. Newborn baby boy dressed as a college nerd.

Wyatt “nerding up!”

“Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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