Two Year Old Portraits of Brynlee

Last Friday, Brynlee was here on her birthday for her two-year-old portraits!

Actually, she was here twice. Once in the morning, apparently just to check our place out (not a happy camper), and then again in the afternoon (a very happy camper).

What’s that you say? She’s been here many, many times before hasn’t she? Brynlee loves having her portraits taken by her “Uncle Mike” doesn’t she?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Two year old portraits of Brynlee having fun dancing in the studio.

Here’s Brynlee having fun dancing in the studio.

For whatever reason, know only to two-year-olds (and sometimes little kids of other ages), she just didn’t feel like it in the morning. I never even touched a camera while she was in the studio! So she left to take a nap and then brought back some reinforcements too. Brynlee is just too cute to have just mom, dad and her “Uncle Mike” watching her get her two-year-old photos taken.

Bring Reinforcements

So the second time around she brought her aunt Lissa and her best pal Logan along for the ride. What a difference! You would have never known this was the same studio or the same kid either! Brynlee and Logan had a blast! She just loved playing and showing off for her cousin, auntie, mom & dad.

Two year old portraits of Brynlee sitting by flower pots on a cute bench.

Brynlee having fun while sitting on a cute park bench.

Well as you can see by the two cute portraits above, Brynlee was having fun and she really did a great job at her “real” portrait session.

Brynlee’s “Frozen” birthday party was held on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure she had a fun party. For one thing, Logan was there, so that pretty much means fun for these two little buggers!

While she was here (and to try and get her to go into the studio in the morning) I got to show her some pictures of Elsa & Anna from our recent trip to Walt Disney World. She thought that was pretty cool because she’s going to Disney World this Fall!

I’m happy to say that we have another successful portrait session with lots of cute images taken. Here’s the portrait highlight music video we’ve created in honor of Brynlee becoming a two-year-old!

Happy Birthday, Brynlee!

“Two-Year-Old Portraits of Brynlee” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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