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Three year old portraits of Isaiah in his cowboy hat.

Three Year Old Portraits of Isaiah

Isaiah was in the studio last week to celebrate his third birthday and to have his three-year-old portraits taken! This little dude is no stranger to our studio. He’s been here for his nine-month portraits, eighteen-month portraits, two-year portraits and bunnies to name just a few times in just his first three years on this rock! Pretty cool.

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Children’s Portrait of Isaiah – “I’m One Year Old!

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Well my little buddy turns one year old today! We’ve had the privilege of being Isaiah’s family photographer since, well, way before he arrived on the scene! Joannie and I were there as Tabitha and Nate’s wedding photographers at “The Blizzard Wedding” back on December 11th, 2010. You remember that day don’t

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Family and Baby Portraits at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Family and baby portraits of Grandma Dee and her grandson Isaiah taken at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior! We’ve been creating portraits for one weekend a year on the North Shore of Lake Superior since 1996. Please contact our studio at 763-785-1177 to check out dates for next year’s

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