Kids Easter Portraits with Bunnies – Four Cousins Meet the Bunnies!

Kids Easter Portraits with Bunnies

Well, we started off “Bunny Saturday” with a bang! Four of the cutest young ladies in matching Easter outfits came by to visit our little bunnies! My two longtime little friends, twin sisters Brooke and Brianna, had the honor of naming our two little furry friends. They decided on Hop and Daisy! So there you have it, Hop and Daisy it is!

Now, Brooke and Brianna also brought their two new cousins with them and introduced Taylor and Lydia to us for the first time. These two, just like their older cousins, are about as cute as it gets! They resemble each other so much that they almost look like they could be twins too!

This wonderful, fun, loving family is a perfect example as to why Joannie and I are fortunate to be Wedding Photographers all these years! These are the kind of great people you meet at their weddings and then become friends!

A Historic Family Easter Portrait

A little family photography history here. We had three moms (Shari, Amanda, and Kylie), a dad (Jeff) and two truly wonderful grandmas (Patti and her sister Mary) in attendance for this historic family Easter portrait.

First off Brooke and Brianna brought their mom Shari along (I don’t think the girls can drive yet). Shari and Derek were married on October 16th, 2004 and Joannie and I had the honor of being there as their wedding photographers.

On July 14th, 2007 Jeff and Amanda were married and Joannie and I were there with our cameras for them too! Then on September 6th, 2008 Kylie and Nate were married and you guessed it; we were their wedding photographers too!

Each of these weddings was unique, fun and wonderful events and we got to be the couple who captured it for their family history forever! Very cool.

Kids Will Be Kids

Now on to the kids bunny portraits with Hop and Daisy! Brooke and Brianna had to be patient with their two little cousins, which when you are 3-1/2 isn’t an easy task. Taylor was pretty laid back just kind of checking out all the activity and commotion. Lydia, however, was not too thrilled with the bunny adventure one little bit. She did what about eighty percent of kids do when their parents tell me about them. The opposite. Kylie said she’s just a happy, smiling baby all the time! Kids hear that stuff!

She was totally happy and smiling from the moment she got here and again when she left, just not during the bunny part! To her “Uncle Mike” she was just as cute as can be (and Lydia, I’ve seen it before) and I think she’s just adorable in the images we’ve got. When you’re 6 months old, you pretty much cute all the time. You can do no wrong!

We got some great images here and Joannie and I are thrilled that your family is a big part of our lives. Enjoy the video highlights and thank you for being our friends all these years!

“Kids Easter Portraits with Bunnies” – Images and video ©2013 Michael Anderson Photography.

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