Easter Portraits of Anna, Ryan and Katie

Anna, Ryan and Katie dropped by the other day for their Children’s Easter Portraits with Hop and Daisy! I’ve had the pleasure of being their personal photographer since each of them were born and I’ve enjoyed watching each of them grow up from being babies to becoming little people.

Ryan and Katie were “not thrilled” with Hop and Daisy, but with the help of mom/auntie and grandma they did just fine. While Miss Anna would probably still be here if the bunnies hadn’t gone home earlier this week! Anna loves having her Easter portraits taken every year!

These three little buggers were our final bunny session for the year and I am very pleased to tell you that with everyone’s help we raised over $1000 for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf this year! Thank you to all of you for participating and making this donation possible!

Enjoy the highlights of Anna, Ryan and Katie’s Easter Bunny Portraits and Joannie and I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Images and video ©2013 Michael Anderson Photography.

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