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The 2015 Brenk Family Christmas Card Design (front).

Brenk Family 2015 Christmas Card Design

Here we have the cute Brenk Family 2015 Christmas Card Design! The images on the front side were from one of the kid’s studio portrait sessions from earlier in the year and the image on the reverse they supplied from one of their family functions. “Brenk Family 2015 Christmas Card Design” – © 2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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Maternity and newborn portraits of Bralynn Ra sleeping in a barrel with cowboy boots by her side.

Maternity and Newborn Portraits

Here are some of the fun maternity and newborn portraits of Alyssa and Jordan and then just a few weeks later adorable little five-day-old Bralynn Ra joined in! We got these maternity images done just in time as Alyssa had to curtail her traveling near the end of her pregnancy. As you can see in the image above,

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A cute couple posing by a small airplane at the Anoka County Airport during their fall color engagement portraits.

Heeraj & Shivanie’s Fall Color Engagement Portraits

Heeraj & Shivanie’s fall color engagement portraits created in our Portrait Park & much more! Heeraj and Shivanie’s Fall Color Engagement Portraits What a fun, wild and crazy eleven day stretch from October 3rd to the 13th! But what a great time fall colors wise for all of it to happen! First, there was Rachel & Matt’s beautiful Rush Creek

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Front side of Veronicas baby girl birth announcements.

Veronica’s Baby Girl Birth Announcements

Veronica’s custom-designed baby girl birth announcements that her “Uncle Mike” created just for her! As mentioned a few days ago, adorable newborn Veronica James was in our home studio at just six days old. Her newborn portraits turned out so cute! Well, here’s her cute baby girl birth announcements! This custom two-sided card design was created out

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Six day old newborn portraits of a little baby girl with pink fairy wings.

Six Day Old Newborn Portraits

The adorable six-day-old newborn portraits of Miss Veronica James! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful little Veronica James. She was in our photo studio for her six-day-old newborn portraits. What a little sweetie pie! Veronica brought along her mommy and her grandma for the show. This little lady is off to a pretty good

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Adorable baby girl in one of her four month old portraits.

Kylie’s Four Month Old Portraits

Beautiful little Kylie Ann was in our portrait studio last week for her four-month-old portraits! Kylie is truly an adorable and very strong four-month-old baby girl. She literally tried to push herself out of one of our sets more than once! Miss Kylie Ann brought mom, dad, and her grandma along to watch me create

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9 month old baby portraits of a cute little girl playing with a pearl necklace.

Lucy’s 9 Month Old Baby Portraits

Lucy was in our studio last week for her nine-month-old baby portraits and she also had some portraits taken with her big sister Katie too! In addition to being mom & dad’s wedding photographers back in 2007, we’ve been the whole families’ photographers and friends for many, many years before that! Awesome! Miss Lucy and Katie

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Eight week old baby portraits of a cute baby boy.

Ethan Andrew’s Baby Portraits

Baby portraits of little Ethan Andrew’s taken when he was just eight weeks old! With all the weddings we’ve had going on for the past few weeks, we’ve been unable to show off some of the other fun photography that we’ve been doing lately. So let’s take some time to talk about little Ethan Andrew. Though

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