Lucy’s 9 Month Old Baby Portraits

Lucy was in our studio last week for her nine-month-old baby portraits and she also had some portraits taken with her big sister Katie too!

9 month old baby portraits of a cute little girl playing with a pearl necklace.

They say that “girls love pearls!” I guess so!

In addition to being mom & dad’s wedding photographers back in 2007, we’ve been the whole families’ photographers and friends for many, many years before that! Awesome!

Miss Lucy and Katie are both such cute little buggers and both of them are no strangers to “Uncle Mike’s” portrait studio. Most recently, both of them were in the studio along with their three cousin’s at Easter with our cute little bunnies!

Lucy also had her six-month portraits created by her “Uncle Mike” as well.

The fact that both of these girls are really easy going made this was a very smooth portrait session with Lucy sharing some of her portrait time with her sister from time to time.

The two of them got to test drive our brand new “baby lounger” which worked out pretty well. Katie got to relax on it while her little sister investigated everything around her! The image below is one of the very few where both of them were actually seated on the lounger.

Pretty much the rest of the time Lucy preferred to show off the fact that she’s able to walk around while holding on to things. She was very proud of that fact too. Very cute!

Photo of a baby and her older sister during her 9 month old baby portraits.

Two cute sisters!

A big thank you to Lucy, Katie and their mom and dad for being such a great family to photograph all these years. Joannie and I are honored to have you as our friends. I know you’re going to enjoy Lucy’s (and Katie’s) portrait highlight music video. It’s just too cute!

“Lucy’s 9-Month-Old Baby Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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