Six Day Old Newborn Portraits

The adorable six-day-old newborn portraits of Miss Veronica James!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful little Veronica James. She was in our photo studio for her six-day-old newborn portraits. What a little sweetie pie!

Six day old newborn portraits of a cute baby girl wearing a pink feathered hat.

Miss Veronica sporting her cute pink feathered hat!

Veronica brought along her mommy and her grandma for the show. This little lady is off to a pretty good start in life, loving family, super cute and easy going!

Joannie and I had the pleasure of creating mom & dad’s (Rachel & Mike) wedding photographs back in August of 2008 and have been the whole family’s wedding and portrait photographers for years and years!

Here are links to some of Veronica’s cute cousins at Easter and more fun kid’s portraits with Santa Claus last Christmas too! These are some of the fun things she’s going to get to do in the future with all of her cousins too!

Six day old newborn portraits of a beautiful sleeping baby girl.

All this portrait stuff is hard work! Gotta take a nap!

Her six-day-old newborn photos were pretty easy newborn wise. Veronica only had one stop for feeding and just one diaper change too. Oh, and did I mention she’s pretty darn cute too!

Six day old newborn portraits of a little baby girl with pink fairy wings.

Our pretty little fairy is sound asleep!

This little lady also got to play “Tinkerbell” complete with cute pink little fairy wings. I’m not really sure she knew it because of course, she slept right through it. But I’m pretty sure she was dreaming about Never Neverland! 🙂

A big thank you to Rachel and grandma for bringing Veronica in for her newborn pictures! It’s an honor for me to be your family photographer.

Below is Miss Veronica’s highlight music video created from some of my favorite selections from her six-day-old newborn pictures. A really great way to put a little smile on your face while you take a little break on a nice Wednesday afternoon!

“Six Day Old Newborn Portraits” – © 2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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