Ethan Andrew’s Baby Portraits

Baby portraits of little Ethan Andrew’s taken when he was just eight weeks old!

With all the weddings we’ve had going on for the past few weeks, we’ve been unable to show off some of the other fun photography that we’ve been doing lately.

So let’s take some time to talk about little Ethan Andrew. Though since he was born weighing in at 9.5 pounds, he’s not really very little.

Ethan Andrew's Baby Portraits. Eight week old baby portraits of a cute baby boy.

One of cute little Ethan ‘s eight-week-old baby boy portraits.

This future baseball slugger was here a little while ago for his newborn baby portraits and I can say he’s a pretty cute little bugger! Mom and dad were here to watch his first professional baby portrait session and to help out if needed. Not much help was required as Ethan Andrew was a perfect little angel!

Joannie and I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Andy & Brandice (mom & dad) back in August of 2012. These two met while working at Walt Disney World and so both of them are really big Disney fans just like Joannie and myself! While he was here, Ethan got to have some of his portraits taken with his favorite Mickey Mouse plush toy. Since Mickey Mouse is a close personal friend of mine, I was pretty much totally ok with that!

Mom and dad are also big baseball fans too. In fact, Joannie and I created their engagement portraits at Target Field! These two even had T.C. Bear as a guest at their wedding reception! That T.C. Bear can really dance (really)!

The only real problem is not that they don’t both love our Minnesota Twins, it’s that Brandice also has a thing for the Chicago Cubs too. Not too sure about that one. 🙂

So Ethan has some baseball themed baby portraits mixed in there too. A pretty busy day when your only eight weeks old. But you’ve got both Disney and baseball covered, so it’s a really good day!

I hope you enjoy Ethan’s highlight music video I’ve created from some of my favorite baby portraits from his baby portrait session.

“Ethan Andrew’s Baby Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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