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Elk River High School senior portrait green screen composite. A baseball player, with his bat, standing in front of a scoreboard.

Elk River High School Senior

Elk River High School Senior You know it’s springtime, or at least getting there, when our thoughts turn to baseball. Well, Sam’s Elk River High School senior portraits definitely have a baseball feel to them. Even last fall, when we created most of them, I met Sam and his mom at the baseball field in

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The cutest baseball player ever! A green screen photo of a one-year-old baby girl wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey.

Cutest Baseball Player Ever

The Cutest Baseball Player Ever! Here’s the short story behind one-year-old Charlotte’s green screen composite photograph that I’ve titled as “The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!” When you look at her “regular” one-year-old portrait below, there can be no denying that Charlie, as her family calls her, is pretty darn cute! Then there’s Charlie’s cute little

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Eight week old baby portraits of a cute baby boy.

Ethan Andrew’s Baby Portraits

Baby portraits of little Ethan Andrew’s taken when he was just eight weeks old! With all the weddings we’ve had going on for the past few weeks, we’ve been unable to show off some of the other fun photography that we’ve been doing lately. So let’s take some time to talk about little Ethan Andrew. Though

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