Adorable Baby Portraits

Adorable Baby Portraits

Sweet little Charlotte dropped by for her adorable baby portraits the other day. Charlotte, or Charlie as her family calls her, was escorted by her mom, Jojo, and her sister, Lucy. Unfortunately, big sister, Katie, was in school and unable to be with us for Charlie’s one-year-old photo shoot.

Baseball was the main theme for many of Charlie’s adorable baby pictures. Charlie’s family loves the Minnesota Twins. Katie and Lucy each had baseball photos done when they were little too. And since “Uncle Mike and Aunt Joannie” are both big Twins fans too, it was easy to go along with the theme. In fact, the baseball and the small bat are always in the studio. I never know when I’m going to need something like that as a prop.

Adorable baby portraits of a one-year-old baby girl wearing a Minnesota Twin jersey.

The cutest Minnesota Twin you’ll ever see!

During Charlie’s session, Lucy made a couple of cameos on the set. One of my favorite photos is when Charlie gave Lucy a hug without any prompting at all. Watch for that adorable image and many more, in the highlight video at the bottom of the post.

Going Green

During the baseball part of her session, I pulled out the green screen background. I’m working on something fun, photo composite wise, that I’ll share once it’s completed. I think it will be pretty cool looking when it’s all done.

A green screen photo of a one-year-old baby girl wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey.

Charlie on the green screen, being spotted by her mommy, Jojo.

Here’s a photo of Charlie in her Minnesota Twins Jersey, being spotted “on the bench” by her mommy. Baby safety is always a priority when working with a one-year-old in the studio.

The Indoor Park

We concluded Charlie’s adorable baby photos with a trip to the park. Actually, an indoor park that I put together right in the camera room. Little Charlie enjoyed climbing and crawling on the wooden park bench and she gave us some pretty cute smiles while doing so!

Adorable baby portraits of a cute baby girl on a wooden park bench.

Sweet little Charlie

We were going to go to an actual park after the studio portion, but sweet little Charlotte was getting kind of tired, so mom opted out of that idea. By that time, we had a whole lot of really adorable baby portraits so we can save that idea for next time!

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