Cutest Baseball Player Ever

The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!

Here’s the short story behind one-year-old Charlotte’s green screen composite photograph that I’ve titled as “The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!”

When you look at her “regular” one-year-old portrait below, there can be no denying that Charlie, as her family calls her, is pretty darn cute!

Adorable baby portraits of a one-year-old baby girl wearing a Minnesota Twin jersey.

The cutest Minnesota Twin you’ll ever see!

Then there’s Charlie’s cute little Minnesota Twins jersey, an old studio loft, several baseballs, and a tiny baseball bat. And when her “Uncle Mike” can combine all of those elements to make magic in his photo studio, we’ve got a super-cute kid’s portrait indeed!

Play Ball!

I came up with the idea of creating “The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!” while we were in the middle of Charlie’s one-year-old portrait session two Friday’s ago. Her mom, Jojo, had brought along her Minnesota Twins jersey so that we could replicate the baseball photos that both of Charlie’s older sisters, Katie and Lucy, had me create when they both were one-year-old.

Charlie was in a great mood, and she was enjoying her photo session while playing with the little baseball bat and ball. Since it was going so smoothly, I suggested that we do an image on the green screen so I could “play” with it afterward. So we took a short seventh-inning stretch to set up the green screen.

The cutest baseball player ever! A green screen photo of a one-year-old baby girl wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey.

Charlie on the green screen, being spotted by her mommy, Jojo.

Charlie isn’t quite standing without something to hold onto yet, so having her sitting on the little wooden bench was a better way to go. This way, with her mommy spotting her, she could just be cute (pretty easy for her) and I could just go for the best expression possible. As you can see in the original green screen image above, I think we hit a home run there!

The Attic Loft

Many times when I’m creating a green screen composite photograph, I know exactly what I’m going to create before I do the photography. In Charlie’s case, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with the image in post-production.

Since the theme was baseball, and the Minnesota Twins are having such a great season this year, I decided that I’d create a “Go Twins!” theme. The attic loft with the light streaming through the windows and the brick wall behind Charlie, allowed me to work those ideas together nicely. Here’s the final green screen photo composite:

The cutest baseball player ever! A green screen composite photo of a baby girl wearing a Twins baseball jersey in a loft with lots of baseballs.

The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the story behind Charlie’s fantasy photo as “The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!” It certainly turned out super-cute! Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

The Cutest Baseball Player Ever!” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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