Dellwood Hills Light Painted Wedding Photo

Dellwood Hills Light Painted Wedding Photo

We’re very happy to share the story behind Mike and Linda’s beautiful Dellwood Hills light painted wedding photo with you! This stunning one-of-a-kind light painting was created just after sunset during their wedding dance.

Between the really cute couple, a pretty setting, that huge pine tree, and the post-sunset stars in the sky, this is one really beautiful wedding light painting!

Here’s the location we started with:

A Dellwood Hills Country Club sunset with the pine trees all in silhouette.

The picturesque location for Mike & Linda’s light painting.

A Quick Recap

A few days back, we shared many of the fun wedding photos and the story leading up to their St. Mary of the Lake wedding ceremony. The weather forecast for snow and rain went away allowing us to create a lot of great wedding photos outdoors. Their wedding day could not have gotten off to a better start!

Saint Mary of the Lake wedding photograph of a wedding party on the front steps.

Mike, Linda, and their awesome wedding party.

Then a couple of days later, we shared the photo highlights from their beautiful Dellwood Hills Country Club wedding reception, dinner, and dance. With lots of family and friends, great food and music, their wedding celebration was absolutely wonderful!

I Wanna Be A Weatherman

As mentioned above, in the days leading up to their wedding, the weather forecast was not the best. Cold rain and/or snow was predicted for that Saturday. I had been so hoping to create wedding photographs outside for the first time since last fall, but it looked like that wouldn’t be likely. Then the day before, the weatherman said the nasty weather would miss the Twin Cities and it might be a decent day after all. Nice!

The big change in the weather allowed us to create a lot of great wedding photos both outside at St. Mary, and also during their wedding reception too. It also meant that we could create their Dellwood Hills light painted wedding photograph outdoors!

Outdoor Dellwood Hills wedding reception photo of a wedding party.

Our newlyweds and their crazy, fun wedding party.

The Huge Pine Tree

So, once we had our photos of the first dance, Joannie and I got to work getting everything in place to create their Dellwood Hills light painted wedding photograph. Having not created an outdoor light painting of any kind in more than six months, I was eager to be back out in Mother Nature. But I had to keep telling myself not to bite off more than I could chew.

The "before" photo of a Dellwood Hills light painted wedding photo.

The King & Queen pose for their light painting.

So what do I do?

I select a spot with a 100-foot tall pine tree as the main background feature. Oh yeah, there were several other “slightly smaller” pine trees that would have to be light painted too! Nothing like hitting the ground running after a long winter!

So, without further ado, here’s Mike and Linda’s stunning twilight Dellwood Hills light painted wedding photo!

A beautiful Dellwood Hills light painted wedding photo.

Linda and Mike’s stunning light painting at Dellwood Hills.

The short video below highlights some of the steps that went into creating this one-of-a-kind wedding artwork. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel to check out our past and future works.

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

Dellwood Hills Light Painted Wedding Photo” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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