Sweet Little Benedetta

Sweet Little Benedetta

Happy Sunday morning! Today we’d love to share the adorable newborn portraits of sweet little Benedetta along with a family portrait with her mom and dad. These cute newborn baby photos were created in our studio when she was just ten-days-old.

Newborn studio portrait of sweet little Benedetta.

Sweet little Benedetta.

The first thing you’ll notice about sweet little Benedetta, besides how cute she is, would have to be all that hair! Besides having more of it than her photographer (yes, I am jealous), she has beautiful frosty strands running through it. If she can keep that hair coloring her whole life, she’ll save thousands of dollars on hair care!

The New Parents

A cute ten-day-old baby girl, sweet little Benedetta, cuddles with her daddy.

Cuddling up with daddy.

Benedetta is the firstborn of Tyler and Danielle, two really nice people, and friends of our daughter Michelle and her husband Ben. Now that both couples have babies just four months apart in age, I think they’ll be seeing much more of each other doing “baby things” together.

A ten-day-old baby girl, sweet little Benedetta, asleep in her mommy's arms.

Nap time with mommy.

Sweet little Benedetta was as perfect as she could be for her newborn pictures. She slept through much of it (which is what we want for newborn photos) and woke up when it was time to let us know that she needed a snack. She even opened her pretty eyes here and there so we could capture a few images that way too.

Sweet little Benedetta falls asleep during her first family portrait.

Benedetta’s first official family portrait.

Then, when we were all done, her “uncle” Mike and “auntie” Joannie even got to hold her while we visited with mommy and daddy. That last part was the best part (for us)!

We Made A Movie About It

Newborn photo of sweet little Benedetta.

“Am I cute, or what?”

I’ve put together a beautiful little highlight video with some of my favorite images and a few video clips from sweet little Benedetta’s newborn photo session. I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our post and have a great one! – M&J

Sweet Little Benedetta” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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