Light Painting a Pink Cadillac Escalade

Light Painting a Pink Cadillac Escalade

We’ve got another one of Grandpa Mike’s cool creations to share with you. Light painting a pink Cadillac Escalade! And not just any Escalade, but a “Barbie Girl” Pink Cadillac Escalade complete with our very own “Barbie Girl”, Miss Riley!

The set-up shot, with a Barbie Girl, prior to light painting a pink Cadillac Escalade.

Riley’s set-up shot for her light painting.

The Dance Year That Wasn’t

For obvious reasons, the 2020 dance competition and recital seasons were washed away. Grandpa Mike decided that I couldn’t let those cute dance costumes go to waste. So I had our little dancer wear them in the studio for “Grandpa Day” a couple of months ago. Before we go too far, you should know that Grandma Joannie is always welcome on “Grandpa Day”.

Grandpa turned those green screen images into a couple of really cute photo composites for our tiny dancer.

Green Screen Fun

Before we get into the light painting of Barbie’s pink Cadillac Escalade, let’s talk about those other dances, one of which she does not have an automobile for (not yet, at least). That dance was titled “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”. Here’s the cute photo composite that I came up with for that dance.

A green screen photo composite of a cute girl in her "A Beautiful Day the Neighborhood" dance costume.

Riley in her “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” dance costume.

The second, with Riley wearing her “Barbie Girl” costume also turned out pretty darn cute!

A dance photo composite of a cute girl in her Barbie Girl dance costume.

Our sweet little Barbie Girl.

I Love To Light Paint!

If you’ve been following our work for the last four years or so, you know that I’ve fallen in love with light painting. I’ll pretty much look at just about anything and try and figure out of there is a way to light paint it. Just ask Joannie.

Light painting photography is so darn fun and challenging at the same time. Light painting has made me much more creative in all of my photography. And the best part about being a light painting photographer is that hardly anyone else does it, anywhere on the planet! That’s one of my unique factors to be sure!

The set-up shot prior to light painting a pink Cadillac Escalade.

Riley’s Barbie car awaits for light painting.

The Front Loader

Well, earlier this spring, I got the idea to light paint a construction vehicle for our oldest grandson Ryder for his three-year-old portrait. So the week that he turned three, back in March, we did a green screen session for him wearing his cute construction outfit. At the time, I didn’t have any construction vehicles light painted yet. Heck, it was still winter outside!

That all changed this spring when the construction season kicked in. That’s when I got the chance to light paint a Komatsu WA270-8 Front Loader at a nearby construction site. Well, in Ryder’s own words when he saw his finished portrait, “That’s awesome Grandpa!” When a three-year-old can say that about a photograph, that tells you that you’re onto something!

A cool light painting of a Komatsu WA270-8 and a three-year-old boy dressed as a construction worker.

Our little Ryder, “The Construction Dude”, with a real front loader. Of course, he wasn’t really there, but he wanted to be!

The Pink “Barbie” Cadillac Escalade Light Painting

Light painting Riley’s Pink Cadillac Escalade came from that very idea. Why should Ryder get the only light painting, especially when Riley not only had the car already but a matching dance custom too!

Photo of a pink Barbie Cadillac Escalade.

The “before” photo.

I was looking for a place to place Riley’s car that looked like a road, and for safety reasons, without it being on an actual road. We didn’t have to look very far. Jen and Ben’s neighbors, Matt & Nicole, put in a really cool stone walkway around their home last year (ok, Matt actually put it in). When asked if we could use it for Riley’s light painting, they said “sure”.

So here’s our very own “Barbie Girl” in her very own light painting with her set of wheels! Pretty darn cute!

A cool light painting of a pink Cadillac Escalade with a young dancer dressed in a Barbie dance costume.

Our Barbie Girl, Riley, with her sweet ride.

And below is a link to Riley’s cute “Build Video” on our YouTube Channel. It’s only about one minute long, but it’s a really cute minute! Thank you for reading our post and have a great day! – M&J

“Light Painting a Pink Cadillac Escalade” – © 2020 Michael Anderson Photography.

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